accepted death, no longer interested in life?

okay I asked this question and I guess everyone got the idea I'm depressed and suicidal. That's not it at all I'm not depressed or sad just ready ya know. Now the question:

19yo. Short version: now that I've accepted it I'm ready to embrace it ready to experience it and have lost all feelings for everything before it. Ready to leave this world behind.

long version: Okay I've seriously wrestled in my head life and death since like 14. I'm obsessed with this and can't stop thinking about it. I can't wait. I want to hurry up and have it, I've lost all feelings ttowardslife and am looking forward to death so much. Over the past few months I've lost all motivation for everything I literally try to stay up as long as possible so I my dreams seem more realistic and longer, I sleep like 15hrs at a time loving every min of it, leaving this world. I want to go now, but unfortunately can't, what can I do? I don't know how much longer I have to wait an have no will to continue here, to excited for death. Any help? Anything will help an this is serious I'm really really ready don't view this as negative it's gotta be better.

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    Death is the final solution to a solvable problem.

    Your fascination with death needs to be moved into a more creative art.Write a book or create a film script and express your ideas.

    Don't give up you are still too young and can offer other people so much.

    (You already know what death is like, before you were born think back and that is what awaits you.)

    The world is open for you to do and be whoever you want,travel and see the world through new eyes.

    Go to sleep early and change your diet to refresh your mind.

    Death is not a place it is a Nothingness.

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    1 decade ago

    Death is permanent while the feelings you have aren't. You might be going through a slump right now but think of all the things you want to do and things that make you happy and work on achieving them.

    Death seems like an easy way to end it all but really it causes more problems than it fixes and affects more ppl than just you. I know this is said million times over but talk to someone. Anyone whether it be someone you are close to or a complete stranger. Sometimes having someone to just listen to you helps.

    There's so much more living for you to do John don't throw it all away.

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    As a believer I accept the historical truth and reality that I am a direct descendant of Adam and Eve just as everyone else. Each one of us living now has their own way of getting here and then from our parents. I have 3 sons and 1 daughter. And I am hopeful that one of them will carry on what my parents gave me, an opportunity to live and experience life.

    Can I wait for my death? Yeah. I can put that off a few years or decades or so. In the short time I have lived technology has advanced in so many ways. I want to see some cures made. I would love to see if there is a theory for everything. I want to see if I am valid in my thinking that it will include scientific, and philosophical, and religious aspects which are undeniable and verifiable.

    Life in reality is far too short. I am 56 nearly forty years older than you. And yet I can snap my fingers together in an instant and tell you this. "You see? That is exactly how fast my life has past me!". Just one snap of my fingers.

    LIfe is meant to be lived. It is meant to be fought for. Look at all the wild animals and creatures that fight to stay alive and train themselves to be alive. Life is meant to be loved. Look at all the creatures in the world that create life. Look at plants and animals that have rituals for courtship and love.

    All the obvious signs for the magnificence of life surrounds us.

    And all the sorrow that death comes. You may feel liberated. But to the ones you leave behind. People you do not see now, but only later will be shocked. Will wonder why?

    If you feel this way go to the doctor. Talk to someone you respect. Talk to members of your family, your pastor, your teacher.

    If life shows you must fight for life. Then fight for it. Do not give up.

    This is my advice to you as a father who would tell his own children the same thing. You have much to live for. You have much potential in you that you have allowed your eyes to become blind too. But all of creations shows us that living things are what they are and show off all that they are. We as human beings are the same way. I hope you will be this way and live.

    Take care. If you are religious pray about it.

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    Death for your body is forever in a sense (your body becomes part of the Earth). However, life is only once. It's a challenge to go through it. Everything you will experience in life will be gone anyway. What's the point right?

    If you die, you could go to some supernatural place.. or you won't. One thing is for sure. You will probably only experience life once. Then, you will not experience anything at all. (unless heaven or whatever is real).

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    i understand what you propose I too am drained of being right here and characteristic excepted the idea-about lack of life.yet i don't have see you later as you do to attend.because i'm fifty one I maximum probably will die earlier you.there is no longer some thing you may want to do short of suicide and that i'm guessing you want I are literally not likely to attempt that you may wait till it really is time so that you'll pass.Please celebrate with it at the same time as you're right here.I actually have many of the time I actually were right here.also if it truly is all you ever imagine about then you certainly would opt for to ascertain your time-honored practitioner because you'll have OCD. i fairly am taking you heavily and have self assurance you do not propose this in a negative way yet because you suggested you imagine about it a lot i presumed you would opt for to envision with a time-honored practitioner in simple terms to really be particular you do not have OCD.good success my chum and earnings from the journey as a lot as conceivable.

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    Don't you want to see how it all turns out? You will miss it, if you leave, now.

    And, what The Morning Star meant to say is that death is a permanent solution to temporary problems.

    BTW, were things better for you before you were born? Well, they will be about the same after you're gone.

    You have a nice smile.

  • i cant believe im saying this out loud but i fell the same exact way sometimes.sometimes life is so dam boring that death really doesnt seem that bad.if its anything like going to sleep after some good sex,maaaan i cant wait either

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    1 decade ago

    it is not your true identity that say i am ready to die?

    it is the dark side of ego self that want you dead,the demons in you! wake up!

    death is only for those who are ready consciously and Spiritually Evolve ,by choice

    Dark ego like you dead..ok conscious God like you a life and kicking

    Get to know thy self more,before committing such action

    be part of the solution ,instead of being part of the problem?

    Source(s): CosmicObserver
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    I suggest you find something to get interested in. God gave you one life on Earth for you to enjoy it! Until you die, have some fun living for pete's sake! And I'm not being negative, I'm just sayin. Enjoy your one and only life on earth while it lasts.

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    check your mail

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