Can you write a story using as many as possible of these Patsy Cline songs just for fun?

1. Crazy

2. I Fall To Pieces

3. Blue Moon Of Kentucky

4. Pick Me Up On Your Way Down

5. Sweet Dreams

6. You Don't Know Me

7. Half As Much

8. If You've Got Leavin' On Your Mind

9. You're Cheatin' Heart

10. I've Got Your Picture


Typo alert! -The "you're" in #9 should be "your".

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    Dodge City, Kansas

    Circa 1875

    "Please Tell Me You're Leaving Dodge....And Matt"

    Miss Kitty watches as Sunshine travels down Front Street in her buckboard. As you know by now, Sunshine has won the affection of Kitty's former flame, U.S. Marshal Matt Dillon.

    Miss Kitty:" Hey! Moron! 8. If You've Got Leavin' On Your Mind

    you've made my 5. Sweet Dreams come true!"

    Sunshine:"Man, oh, man, Red. 2. I Fall To Pieces at your sense of humor....haha"

    Kitty:" Well?! Are you moving back to Virginia or WHAT?!"

    Sunshine:" Of course not. Do ya think I'm 1. Crazy? Why on earth would I leave Dodge......and Matt?"

    Kitty:" Well....for starters, maybe your conscience has finally kicked in! Matt was MINE until you stole him! You know what? 9. Your Cheatin' Heart makes me want to throw up!!!"

    Sunshine giggles:" Ummmm......6. You Don't Know Me7. Half As Much as you THINK you do. I would never leave Matt . All I'll ever want is in those beautiful blue eyes. "

    At this point, Sunshine reins in the horses, clears her throat and grabs her guitar. Much to Kitty's dismay she breaks into song:

    ♫ 3. Blue Moon Of Kentucky, keep on shinin'. Keep on shinin' in that big black sky.

    I got me a man, if I'm lyin' I'm dyin'.

    MattBaby I will love you til I diiiiiii.....EEEEEEE " ♫

    She jams another stick of gum in her mouth and rides out of town.

    Kitty shakes her head as if she's just witnessed lunacy and goes back into the Long Branch. Grabbing a bottle of Randy Scouse Git Rotgut , she downs it in a matter of minutes. As she looks around the saloon she sees Sam The Bartender up on a ladder fixing the chandelier. (Sunshine made it come loose the other night when she did her Tarzan swinging routine.) Matt was delighted with her prank. The two cowboys Sunshine fell on, however, were NOT amused. They have both sought counsel. The case is still pending.

    Sam:" Oh, hello Miss Kitty. 10. I've Got Your Picture of Marshal Dillon in that diamond studded frame, as you requested."

    Kitty:" A little louder,please !! I'm not sure if the people across the street heard you!!"

    She opens another bottle of booze.

    Kitty: "Yo! Sam! 4. Pick Me Up On Your Way Down."


    Kitty falls to the floor in a drunken heap.


    Kitty ........


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    G'morning Ms Ladybug ...

    It was a "Blue Moon of Kentucky" coming through the window that woke me from my "Sweet Dreams" as I laid there alone. "If You've Got Leaving' On Your Mind" - I told her - then "You Don't Know Me" and you might as well just go... I must have been "Crazy" and sick but not "Half as Much" as I thought she was. "I Fall To Pieces" thinking about what was said that moment when she told me that "Your Cheatin' Heart" is why and "I've Got Your Picture" with her & the other 3 women. I guess in the morning I better call One of the girls to "Pick Me Up On Your Way Down" to the plant since she took the truck.. Baby - "You Dont Know Me" - I wish she would understand that I'm not like that & she is just a jealous old woman. We girls were only forming a bowling team.

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    I sometimes IMAGINE THAT YOUR CHEATIN' HEART is having SWEET DREAMS of that BLUE MOON OF KENTUCKY we used to go WALKIN' AFTER MIDNIGHT beneath. I may be CRAZY but I FALL TO PIECES ANYTIME I HALF AS MUCH think about it. SEVEN LONELY DAYS a week I pray you'll PICK ME UP ON YOUR WAY DOWN, then I realize you were ALWAYS STRONGER THAN ME. Now SHE'S GOT YOU, but I sometimes wonder IF YOU'VE GOT LEAVING ON YOUR MIND. Then she'll have HEARTACHES too. Our FADED LOVE will never leave me the way you did, but the WAYWARD WIND made me realize YOU DON'T KNOW ME and you were A STRANGER IN MY ARMS. When your heart does the same to her she can write me IN CARE OF THE BLUES and we can share our tales of A CHURCH, A COURTROOM, AND THEN GOODBYE.

    **I've Got Your Picture wasn't the name of the song, it was She's Got You. Very memorable line though, so I'd see where one could think that = ) And I'm prett sure Patsy never recorded You Don't Know Me.

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    I may be crazy but I fall to pieces at the thought of you. You're a cheatin' heart but I still have sweet dreams of us and that blue moon of Kentucky. Please pick me up on your way down home because I've got your picture and it ain't worth half as much to me as it does to you.

    Lol.. doesn't make much sense :)

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    I'll never forget that first day I seen her at the Blue Moon Of Kentucky Cowboy Tavern,.........she was quite a looker back in those days..... and the story she told me!!!.................................

    Well! I took that story to the grave.....her grave that is... not mine !!

    'Sweet Dreams' by Patsy Cline was playing on the jukebox and every man at the bar had their glued eyes on her as she poured drinks behind the bar.

    I watched her too, her pale blue eyes and her jet black curls seemed to have a life of their own.

    Something about her seemed familiar but what?

    I returned four times befor it hit me.

    I had seen her on a wanted poster for killing her husband in cold blood!!

    She had lost about a hundred pounds since then and her long blond hair was a short curly black bob, but those eyes...they were unmistakable!

    By this time I was only half as much in love with her as I would be later..... and one night after a month of thinking about it, I cornered her after work.

    I pulled no punches and came right out with the accusation.

    "You don't know me, other than seeing me in here, but I know you, and I know you killed your husband...I've got your picture right here to prove it!!"

    I handed her a copy of the wanted poster I had picked up at the post office.

    She didn't skip a beat or seem flustered in any way by my statement. She sat down and calmly told me her story.

    Her husband had cheated on her and beat her mercilessly on a nightly basis and after four long years of abuse she had finally mustered up the courage to leave him.

    He had caught her on the way out that fateful night while she was dragging out her suitcases.

    "If you've got leavin on your mind you better think again! You leave here over my dead body!!" He said.

    He proceeded to give her the worst beating of her life followed by something so unspeakable I won't even share it!

    That same night, after he fell into a drunken stupor, she searched for and found the gun he had hidden and confronted him with it, but at the last moment she lost her nerve......he wrestled the gun from her hands and it went off, killing him instantly.

    She smiled at me after the telling.

    "I'm really not they say on that poster!"

    We spent the next twenty years as husband and wife.....and I like to think I made up for all the misery she suffered at his hands.

    Now I intend on going to the authorities and telling them the story she told me...just to set the record straight...except I'll tell them she told it on her death bed...not twenty years before!

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