Marine Corps/ UFC advertisment- anyone else mad?

So the USMC and UFC teamed up to get more young people interested in becoming Marines, and here is the result:

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Basically, it compares Marines to UFC fighters, calling both warriors and compares the training both go through. My complaint is the analysis is flawed and minimizes the importance of the Marine Corps.

A line from the ad: "There is a path...illuminated with purpose"

Okay, so being a UFC fighter is of the same degree of purpose as being a Marine (Note: this is officially endorsed by the Marine Corps)

A line from the ad was "Becoming a warrior means joining a brotherhood..."

What brotherhood is there in the UFC? I understand there is camraderie, but nothing close to the level one experiences while under fire.

"Becoming a warrior means joining a brotherhood...PROVEN ON THE FIELD OF BATTLE"

(Cut to famous video of Marines raising flag on Iwo Jima, followed by UFC victories)

So Iwo Jima is even comparable to a UFC victory? 28,000 Marines died in a battle that is just as important as a UFC fighter knocking another out?

A line from the ad was "Some battles are fought in the octagon...others on all corners of the earth"

So the Randy Couture vs. Brock Lesnar "battle" (cough* sporting competition *cough) was the same as the battle of Fallujah? The BJ Penn vs. GSP fight the same as Iwo Jima? I'm sure my uncle who was one of few survivors of the Battle of Pelelui is happy to know his sacrifice is equal to that of Matt Sera.

"Every warrior lives for the fight"

So, according to the Marine Corps, our fights are only as important as UFC bouts.

"Some victories are measured in belts and titles...others are measured in stars and stripes"

Comparing a belt to our nation's flag??? Are you serious??? The USMC would be the absolute last organization to support this, or so I thought.

"There is always another battle waiting to be fough...and won"

I feel like I'm beating a dead horse, but again, Marine battles are equal to UFC Pay-per-views- WTF?

I feel like the USMC completely sold itself out. I understand the recruiting needs, but what happened to Honor, Courage Commitment? Semper Fidelis? I hope the sacrifices I make in Afghanistan will make me at least as good as WEC in the eyes of the USMC.

Okay, I'm just rambling at this point, and I don't even know who to direct my anger at.

---Lance Corporal, USMC


"MMA Fighter" if you want to see how tough you are, you can meet me in Afghanistan this summer, unless you feel tough enough hiding behind a computer talking crap about the Marines. You're a coward nothing more.

Update 2:

And I'm a big UFC fan. I'm looking forward to the fight this Saturday. It's not the UFC I'm pissed at- it's the brass who sold the Corps out.

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  • Tyler
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    1 decade ago
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    I think its belittling the Marines. Its not just about being a warrior, or at all for that matter. I think the two are total opposites. Marines are more discaplined and hold their heads up higher. They do something that actually matters, they dont do it for entertainment. UFC is just a fad that everyone is into right now and will eventually get old and die out. The Marine Corp wont. I think its ridiculous that UFC fighters are getting as much respect as the people Marines.

    @ MMA Fighter: A Marine is as dangerous as his M16 assault rifle. You cannot tear up a Marine. Get over it. They are mentally and physically trained not to quit. UFC/MMA fighters are trained to win fights; Marines are trained to kill. You would get rocked kid.

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  • No one is dumb enough to equate the USMC and the UFC in terms of accomplishments each has done. The two are different and I'm not gonna say which one is better because the concepts of being a warrior and achieving victory between the two are like night and day.

    Anyways it's just some motto video the USMC thought would be "cool." I wonder who heads the advertising dept. for the USMC.

    The training for both is tough in several aspects, I've done both. Besides special operations training, MCMAP instructors cours and Instructor Trainer Training (MCMAP instructors who train and certifies MCMAP instructors) is one of the toughest training regimen in the USMC and tougher than the UFC.

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  • Erin
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    4 years ago

    You MUST go to base and speak to the section that does money management classes, see if they will give you a loan [note the word LOAN] and trust me you are NOT managing your money well enough to be this much in debt per pay check. You are going to HAVE to eat some crow but it is better than the people you owe coming after you and letting your boss know..............this wil impact your career and the last thing you need is these issues with your wife having a baby, you get kicked out then ALL your medical goes away. She [as she is not working is going to HAVE to look at ways to save] make it her "job" to have a tight budget of food and stick to it.....and dang man if you are thinking money is tight now wtf do you plan on feeding the kid and putting on its fuzzy butt once they get here safe and sound............ See if there are local food banks, does she qualify for wic [food stamps that sort of thing] sadly SOME of the more junior men do fall into not earning enough to get them............ Is there any chance you can earn some extra money??? maybe by cleaning cars, delivering pizza, same goes for your wife, does she have any skills that she can use.............yes she is pregnant but she can still do SOMETHING, maybe baby sit a bit,

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  • 1 decade ago

    UFC is for beer drinkers

    -Floyd Mayweather Jr.

    Brian Stan and Luigi Fioravanti are both former US Marines and now a UFC fighter. But there is no former UFC fighter that made through USMC let alone to give USMC a try.

    You know what am i sayin?

    @MMA Fighter

    You are a f@66ot! stop trolling around moth3rFuI<er!

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  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    Three thoughts:

    1.) UFC guys physically train about a hundred times harder than the average Marine (not MARSOC guys, but quite a bit more than your average grunt)

    2.) Every other Marine in civvies I see is wearing a Tap Out shirt. Marines dig this stuff. Some (obviously) do not, but a large percentage do.

    3.) As much as you hate it, it will have a positive effect on recruitment. No one will not enlist because of these commercials, however, it is reaching thousands of UFC fans who think they're tough and think they'll make good Marines. Those are the type of people that drill sergeants can turn into good Marines.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Is this video saying UFC = USMC? WTF!?!

    Shut the F*ck up MMA Fighter! you aint nothing but a sh!t!

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  • 1 decade ago

    My brother-in-law is a Marine, and he was officially pissed when I showed him this video. He was quite literally raging.

    The UFC cannot compare to the Marines.

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  • 1 decade ago

    This will come back and bite the USMC in the asss.

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  • 1 decade ago

    What? Are you serious? Yeah that will bite the USMC in the ***..

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I dont want a brotherhood.

    Best bet a marine has is to run for a rifle while im breaking his entire left side.

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