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How do I get my son's teacher to stop picking on him?

My son's teacher picks on him constantly. She tells me everyday when I pick him up from school that he's had a bad day, isn't listening, etc.

Yesterday she rang me and asked me to see her after school, she wanted to tell me that he had lunchtime detention for a week for ripping up library books. I don't feel that she has the right to discipline him like this and stop him playing during lunch.

Also he gets nearly 1.5 hours homework every night because she makes him bring home the work he had to do in class but didn't do. I spoke to her about it and she said that's her policy if the kids are messing around in class they have the work to do for home work. I don't make him do it but then he gets in more trouble.

I'm getting sick of this woman's attitude what can I do about her?

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    Clueless. That kid would get a serious a spanking, and the teacher would get a raise. Now go back to the barn.

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    If your kid is ripping up library books and screwing around in class, the teacher is not the problem. Your son has some behavioral problems you need to address. I hate when parents blame the teacher for their kids' school issues.

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    You know whats funny, there are really parents like that around. Some even on here. You may have exaggerated a bit, but good points. I thought for sure there would be at least on in agreement with you about the teacher.

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    You are delusional!

    Your child ripped up a library book and you don't think that he should have rec'd a detention? Uh??? Pardon? What planet are you from? You child disrupts the class and doesn't do his work during classroom time and you have a problem with him doing it at home? Your kids is out of control! about get a handle on your kid and practice a bit of discipline.


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  • 10 years ago

    I gotta agree with the teacher on this one... you need to be working with her so that your child develops better behavioral habits. Ripping up books, the school shouldn't have to teach him that's wrong. That poor lady doesn't get paid enough to deal with your bad@ss son! YOU need to kick the attitude and try to help him out so he isn't a future bother to society.

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    Your son has a great teacher!

    Can I ask you a question? As adults, are we allowed to destroy property without consequences? If we don't do our work, we risk getting laid off or reprimanded by our bosses, right? Is this all true?

    I think your son has a wonderful teacher. I'm not sure about this mother's state of mind. Seems like she's in denial of her son's troublesome behavior!

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    Check the mirror for the attitude problem. Then go to your son's room to find the trouble maker. Sounds like your son needs some attention from mommy and maybe some discipline if that doesn't do the trick.

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    I think that its more to your son. It seems that he is the one that may need to be dealt with. Like, he's getting the homework because he didn't do it in class. Why didn't he do it in class? And ripping up books? The may be acting a little harsh but is it for a right reason?

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    First get permission from the Principal to go to school with your son every day all day for a few weeks. Odds are your son is acting up and not focusing on his work and your being their may change that.

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    Teachers must have students pass standardized tests. This requires that your son actually learn during school. It is not just daycare.

    He needs to pay attention and do his work in class, how dumb to be angry that he has to bring work home that he could have done in class.

    Make him do his work at school, it's what he goes to school for.


    You are setting your son up to FAIL in life if you don't wise up and make him do his homework and sit down and shut up in class.

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