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Do you play cupid on a worldwide scale considering people rely so much on their [quote]Avatars[/unquote]...?

...nowadays days?

I mean, a simple thumb up or down of those surrounding said answerer is enough to convince that surrounded Avatar to even out, so to speak (whether in real life or online)...

...hell, the Mayan's did bloodletting rituals not to mention institutionalized warfare among themselves because novelty wasn't present enough in their discourse (until the Europeans showed up).

At the end of the day the Civil Rights era [i.e. social instability] built up our libido in order to push the economy to launch our species to the moon!

With that said, can we go further?

(actually, we will since Big Brotha has redirected NASA goals to build bigger rockets that go beyond our Sister moon)

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    Is it just me, or does this have the potential to become an Internet meme on the scale of "How is babby formed?"

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  • Holly
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  • Quinn
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    The reason I don't use a pic of my face online is because I can never take one on my own without blur or messing it up somehow. Trust me I'm doing all of you a favor, and I have a strong troll hunting partner

    A thumbs down can't hide the truth or silence the crier.

    Society will never advance as long as people are controlled by their beliefs, for that is the robber of free will

    Leave the non-sequiter genius alone, he's having fun and keeping it sureal, he ain't hurting anyon. If you can't take the heat then stay out of the boiler.

    Trolls troll, haters hate, boring pessimists bore and try to infect others with their miserable dispositions. The joke's on you though, you just wasted the time it took to respond which you'll never get back and contribited to your 'Others' percentage

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    With this avi, I don't think I do! Not so much anyway! I can't wait til we start mining the asteroid belt for minerals that we're starting to lack here on Earth, and how much is the cost really to go to Saturn and get some of that natural gas rain it has?

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Whilst my grim reaper avatar might be cute, I seriously doubt it is "sexy". And I am certainly not trying to attract mates with it, if that is what you are implying.

  • Anonymous
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    My avatar is currently a tombstone, I doubt it does much for anyone.

  • My pirate skulls were sexier, but the Yahoo admins recognized them too easily, so I'm back to this goddamn skull and flag yahoo POS.

    uh.... that what you were asking about?

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    Sometimes I do

    Where is >--she->

    I'll shoot her with my blue >--ray-arrow->s

  • ellie
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    10 years ago

    Umm hummm...wait...what?


  • Anonymous
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    I'm with Zilla on this.

    Can I have some of what you're on? Please and thank you.

    ((((Zilla)))) I think you're correct my darling. "How is babby formed?" pales in comparison here.

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