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? asked in Computers & InternetHardwareDesktops · 1 decade ago

If I want to start Building and selling computer what's the first few things I should Do?

I love building computers, But I dont have a job right now and was thinking about doing a few services, One of which is building computers and selling them. Another is changing Car Oil and filter. I have 5 months until I go into the military so Im hoping to make a few hundred bucks of profit!

Right now I have built a

m3n78-VM motherboard with a 8200geforce chipset(Disabled atm) $75

Amd duel core 6000+ 3.0ghz 1mb cache CPU $60

corsair 4gig duel channel 800mhz RAM $120

Western Digital 500gb 16mb cache 7200rpm's $50

Ultra V series 500w PSU $37

Saphire Ati Radeon HD 4850 512mb 256-bit memory interface $102

A Old case modded with a side 80mm fan, Cut and drilled to cool the GPU ($$ Dont ask :))

The total was about $450 and it is currently being used. only a month Old. I predict this computer to be worth $600-800 Not including moniter

Seeing as I picked out the parts perfectly And could sell it with farely well profit. Would this be a good idea to build and sell computers for a few months. id prefer not to sell this one as im using it but I want to build computers for clients.

As far as changing Oil Im sure I could just put a flyer up in my apartment complex. But if you happen to be any type of legal wize. Let me know if someone already has some kind of trouble with their car and when I change their oil they use me as a scapegoat saying that I damaged their car. When I know for a fact I do a good job? Would they be able to sue me or anything? Anyways

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  • 1 decade ago
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    To get round the oil change issue, is there anyone you can trust to accompany whilst you do an oil change, a witness? Failing that go to a lawyers and ask them to make you a legal document that would cover you from any alleged damages that your clients said occurred after you changed their oil.

    As for the computers, advertise your service and even request used parts on your advert. Ebay is a good place to advertise yourself, put up some posters of your business in local stores, anywhere you are allowed, take some pictures of what you have already built and put them on your adverts.

    You could offer services of repairing computers, custom made computers, and request used parts as well. The only way to make money is to get yourself noticed. Advertise anywhere and everywhere.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well, you can try signing to eBay as a merchant and start off building some "economy student" computers.

    Generally in order to get sales your prices would have to be pretty low to attract buyers. Its also important that you work out some kind of deal with a courier company so you don't get overcharged for shipping and delivery.

    All of these requires a lot of planning. You need to continually shop (at the best places) and restock your inventory to ensure you've got the right parts for your builds -- otherwise, you may end up running out of a particular item and have to use a more expensive substitute.

    Its mistakes like these that will cost you -- instead of making a profit you'd be making losses.

    If you think you're up to the task, go ahead, but be warned that there are lots of people on eBay who do the exact same thing as you do. Be prepared for a lot of competition!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It's not easy at all, but if that's all you really want to do:

    A decent location with room for stock and an equipped workshop.

    You'll need a bit of capital, for a decent selection of parts in stock, and a few different pre built complete PCs.

    An ability do diagnose, detect and solve problems, and a comprehensive understanding of how the components work, and why they work.

    Advertising to gain customers, and a reason why people should come to you instead of some place else.

    An ability to recognise the clients requirements, and be able to cater for their needs, and work towards a budget.

    If supplying the computers with operating systems and other software, licensing laws need to be considered when dealing with the public, especially for corporate customers. The penalties for doing the wrong thing can be severe.

    Registering a business to be able to purchase stock at wholesale prices, and buy in bulk to maximise saving.

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  • ?
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    4 years ago

    Take an ad out in an area information paper putting forward some thing like "pcs equipped domestically with close by help" or some thing alongside those lines. you may want to get a shopper or 2, then recommendations. It worked for my chum, and he's now operating his own helpful laptop save. Ebay is slightly hit and omit, some distance too a lot competition.

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  • M
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    It isn't practical to sell computers yourself. There is too much competition between component sites and cheap pc sellers.

    No one is going to pay for a pc that you built with parts that you paid retail for. Tiger Direct already sells custom computers from systemax that are basically built for free, considering people basically pay retail for all the parts. You just can't compete unless you have a decent sized store and do repairs.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    do you have any certifications?

    if so, Geek Squad is always hiring.

    if not, then look into A+ Cert. programs, they can help you get any computer related job.

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