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How many influences does Star Wars have?

So far I've got these:

James Earle Jones, Christopher Lee, and Peter Cushing were British horror actors of the 60's. Darth Vader rising in SW3 is like Frankenstein, plus he wears a cape, like Dracula. The arms getting cut off device is remniscent of Samurai movies. The intros, planets, and wipe transitions are from Flash Gordon. Yoda and Obi-

Wan dissapear when they die, like the Wicked Witch, and C-3PO and Chewbacca are remniscent of the tin woodsman and the cowardly lion. Luke and Obi-Wan are the classic old mentor- young learner. The Force is fantasy. The technology is sci- fi. Stormtrooper is a Nazi term. The hood that Sidious wears is reflective of many visions of the grim reaper. The walkers are inspired by The War of the Worlds. It has the story of Caesar (starts out as a democracy, becomes an empire, rebels turn it into a democracy again). The Phantom Menace was inspired by a Flash Gordon episode title.

Is there anything else?

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    Lucas continually references two main influences in Star Wars:

    the mythic themes came from the works of Joseph Campbell (see The Hero with 1000 Faces), and the narrative structure (telling an epic story from the POV of minor/background characters, eg R2D2 and C3PO) came from the Japanese movie The Hidden Fortress

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