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What is heartstick euthanasia?

I was looking through and came across an animal rescue which saved a Pit from heartstick euthanasia in another pound. I've tried googling it but all I can are petitions to ban it but not anything detailing what is actually done.

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    Intracardial injections, commonly know as heart sticks, is a rather inhumane way to euthanize an animal that is not comatose(or nearly comatose) or heavily sedated. A needle and syringe containing sodium pentobarbital is passed through the chest wall and severely layers of muscle into the heart. However on an animal that isn't sedated or comatose this is hard to do because the body is in constant motion. It's not uncommon for the person administering the injection to miss and accidentally punctures the lungs and causes them to fill up with fluid. This is a VERY painful way to die.

    In a shelter there is no reason for this to be done on an otherwise healthy dog. In a clinic however, it is often needed for dogs that need to be euthanized but have circulatory problems.

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    Heart Stick Euthanasia

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    when a dog is severely circulatory compromised sometimes injecting the euthanasia anesthetic directly into the heart is the only possibility. It can get ugly - I had a sad situation where I feared this would be the only solution with a dog of mine (because of her medical problems) I had arraignments with the vet to hit her heavily with tranquilizers first (fortunately it proved unnecessary).

    why a pound would want to do a more technically difficult process is a question I draw (or is it just a way to make the dogs situation seem worse?)

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    The drug used to put them to sleep, rather than being injected into a vein in their leg, is injected with a much larger and longer needle directly into the heart. There is a greater chance for complications, obviously it is a painful experience, and really is not a humane euthanasia method.

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    My sweet kitty passed away shortly after I arrived at the animal hospital. They tried for about 10 minutes, three of them, to find a vein in her leg to inject the medicine to help her to completely go. They let me say goodbye to her, I could see that she was no longer breathing and was non responsive, but they said her heart was still beating and that they wanted to do the heartstick, and asked my permission. I wasn't aware that the heart still beat after one stopped breathing. Is this correct?

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      Yes the heart can keep beating after breathing stops. This often happens with drowning and choking victims. The heart is engineered to keep beating for a certain length of time as long as its getting enough oxygen or uses up the oxygen already in the blood. That's why we do rescue breathing.

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    Require all adopting people to spay and neuter the pets they adopt, if possible have it done by a local vet that keeps in touch and gives a discount as we have here for animal rescue group. Require all animals be spayed and neutered unoless they are for breeding purposes and do that by having leash laws and fining any owner that does not comply. Use the fine money to pay for animal officers and spaying and neutering discounts. Have programs for elderly folks to have free neuter and spay for companion animals, and offer them services if they are worried about after care when they pass on, a contract with them to take the animal back and find it a good home. This way older people would become foster parents for their lives as long as they are able and it is shown to be healthy for them. Have free spay and neuter clinics by local vets donating their time, at least very reasonable fees for people that really can't afford it. Have fundraisers at all functions like fairs, carnivals, bake sales whatever. Get schools involved, give them ways to generate funds, selling products, fundraisers, carwashes. There is really a lot that can be done just have to motivate people. Also, advertise in the paper asking for donations and put pictures of pets that are ready for adoption, but make sure they are fixed. Set up pound animals in good weather in front of pet stores and other stores to adopt them out with fees paid and certificates given for a percentage off the fixing of the adopted pets by certain vets. They still make something but they can write it off their taxes, if it's done right. Good for all concerned, if it's non profit right?

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    its exactly as it sounds.. a needle is inserted in the heart and the euthanasia drug is injected right into the heart. This is more cruel than the typical method of injecting in the leg, as the dog suffers while the needle is inserted in the heart.

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    Its where they stick the euthanasia needle right into the heart to kill the dog. It is a painful death for the animal

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    It appears to be the injection straight into the heart which is illegal in the US... euthanasia is supposed to be done into a vein - like in UK - in the leg.

    It sounds as if the animal suffers badly - a powerful jab in the heart probably gives dog a heart attack?

    It is clearly a very horrible thing which your country is quite rightly trying to stop.

    Source(s): scrolll down page to story ending Dec 17 2007 about half way down - Dr Baber?
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    is it legal to kill by heart injection

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