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Should Lady Gaga have won the 2010 Album of the Year Grammy Award?


If you think that Lady Gaga should have won that award, please answer this question:;_ylt=AqArE...

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    Yes she should have won both album of the year and song of the year. I read about grammy everywhere on internet and many people felt those awards had been robbed from her.

    This is Grammy routine manipulations. This time, they did that to number one artist in the world, especially in important categories like best song of the year and album of the year. This is a slap in the face of Lady Gaga and her fans. This is the worst rip off I ever seen from crooks of music industry.

    Lady Gaga was very unlucky. She had to compete with two overrated artists, Beyonce and Taylor Swift. Each of them have full complete back up from R&B and country music people/artists respectively. They always overwhelmingly support their own...a lot of politics from both groups.

    Beyonce' Single Ladies beat Gaga's Poker Face for best song of the year award. Give me a break. Single Ladies charted number one only in U.S (yes only in U.S). Poker Face was number one in U.S and in about 20 countries all over the world.

    Taylor Swift's Fearless beat Gaga's The Fame for album of the year award. Give me a break. The Fame charted number one in more countries than Fearless. The Fame has been sold more than Fearless worldwide, and still holding number 2 or 3 spots (way above Swift's album spot) on billboard in recent weeks.

    Lady Gaga is the first artist in the history whose debut has 4 number one pop songs. If it is still not good enough to be album of the year, what else people can say about crooks from Grammy? Her album received way better achievement than Swift album. It is disgusting that they manipulated and ignored her "Historic Achievement" and gave the award to Swift.

    For those including some crooks in music industry who hate Lady Gaga, award ceremonies are the only time that they can revenge and beat Lady Gaga deliberately. They are waiting for that moment.

    This year grammy will hurt Lady Gaga and her fans. But Lady Gaga is a very strong woman and she is very determined. No matter what happened, like 2009, this year Lady Gaga's butt kicking on other top artists will continue.

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    No but I do strongly declare that Kanye West would have won that award for helping Taylor Swift because I never knew who she was before that debacle...maybe Swift should make a public apology to West...

  • yes some kids at school started talking about that yesterday and everyone was saying lady gaga should have won also she had 4 hit songs on that album no atist had ever done that before

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    Absolutely not, Taylor Swift is 1000 times better. Lady Gaga isn't good at all, she's a creeper! Fearless is amazing and what makes Taylor win it is that she has great filler songs. Gaga's doesn't just those 4 hits and the rest misses.

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    YESSS!! lady gaga is soooo talented!!! im surprised she didnt won!!! taylor swift sucks!! she really doesnt deseves it!!! her voice sucks, her songs sucks, her music videos sucks, her face sucks, everything about taylor swift sucks!!! lady gaga is very talented because she can sing, her music videos are sooo awesome and her style is unique and cool!

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    Totally! But i mean it didnt come out even close to 2010 not even 2009.

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    Yeah, she probably should have. I mean, her songs are catchy and well known. Lots of people like them. Wouldn't that make her a winner?

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    NO! lady gaga is a hoe bag.

    that crap you call singing... isn't music.

    music is the freacken Beatles or led zeppelin or Elvis Presley

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    Yes! she has way more hits than Taylor and way better songs

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    Please answer my most recent question!

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