Does anybody know of My Sunshine: A Summer Romance cheat codes?

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Can somebody let me know
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I looked it up and if you mean the game on DeviantArt by Yavmamemo then yes I found cheat codes. Eat the coconut frozen yogurt and you will see the name "rudolph" go to the frozen yogurt shop then click on the coconut machine and enter the name it is a cheat to see all the cheats. Here is the complete list of cheats.
redbull brings you to 1000 HP
bank brings you to 1000 dollars
bikini brings you to 50 of each item
mofroyo brings you to 100 of each flavor of yogurt
supergirl brings you to 20 in all stats
beautysleep brings you to day 29
mrdarcy brings you to 600 exp with Damien
tomcat brings you to 600 exp with Tom
lionking brings you to 600 exp with Leon
friend makes you friends with all three boys
crush makes you the crush of all three boys

I made sure to say "brings you to" because you can not keep typing in a cheat to get more and more. (say you type in bank twice you would still have only 1000$ not 2000$) That rule also applies for boys exp if you type in tomcat and have more than 600 exp for Tom you will go down to 600 exp not gain an extra 600 exp.

This took forever I really hope this is what you were talking about. If not that sucks and sorry I don't know you're looking for.
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