Affiliate marketing as a JOB? and where can I learn it FREE?

I started reading about affiliate marketing and am curious if it really can be a full time


Also I'd like to know where I can learn it for free without needing to pay some fee to someone who wants to sell me on info that may or may not work.

Any opinions?

Please answer and not just give me links with affialite id's etc.

Can this be a real job?

Also where can a person learn for free even just a good basics course with no fees to pay?

Thanks for taking the time to answer

IF THE ANSWERS ARE GOOD PLEASE _DO_ INCLUDE THE AFFILIATE LINKS... But pls actually answer the question as well, y'know

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    1 decade ago
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    It can be a long haul to reach the point that you can work full time as an affiliate. Particularly if you want to learn on the cheap, you would probably want to do a couple of hours in the evening after your regular job.

    Bear in mind, affiliate marketing is a business, not a job, there's no guaranteed pay check for a weeks work, in fact if using PPC sort of paid traffic you can expect to loose money for a time, while prospecting for a winning ad-product combination. Spending some money on instructional material might actually save money by shortening the initial fumbling around period, which causes many frustrated would be affiliates to quit before seeing a profit.

    You might be able to find some 2nd tier instructional video on cickbank that's a rehash of the big gurus advise for around $20, I find it helpful to look over someone's shoulder at first.

    Search the web for affiliate forum, you should be able to find discussions by people in the trenches, while affiliate oriented blogs will offer helpful free articles, you can find lots of tutorial information on using adwords ppc on the google web site, though google is making it tougher for affiliates, who they view as unneeded street hustlers.

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    Yes, we can have a full time income as an affiliate marketer.

    If currently you still have a job, please don't leave the job until you have a good income from affiliate marketing.

    Affiliate marketing make a living by sell other people's product.

    The affiliate marketing main asset is their list.

    The list provides affiliate marketer sell the relate products again and again.

    By the way, affiliate marketing is a business, not a job. You can set your business run automatic, with or without you.

    The place to learn free are:

    Both use video as learning media

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    1 decade ago

    It is possible to earn a 4-figure monthly income on affiliate marketing. If you are holding a full time job, I would suggest you spend a few hours daily to work on this business. It is very risky to quit your job to plunge into something totally new.

    While you can get a lot of free information on affiliate marketing, they are usually general stuff or outdated. It's tough to find someone who is willing to share their money-making strategies for free.

    I believe in investing my education to find the fastest route to success. For example PPC can be an expensive game if you do not know what you are doing. Getting the right mentor will show you how to do it correctly without burning a big hole in your pocket.

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    Hi Steven,

    By far the best affiliate program out there is Revolutionary Matrix. You can only have 5 personal affiliates then everyone else gets spilled over into the second layer and 3rd all the way up to 6 levels deep. So even if you joined and did no advertising whatsoever the people above you and the people above them would be consistently spilling referrals over into your downline. You earn $1 per referral 6 levels deep.

    Im not trying to brag but i have some of the best affiliates who brought me into this program who i get consistent referrals from so if you join under me you will have a good upline. Here is my video and the refferal link is in the description.

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • 5 years ago

    Joining affiliate programs are free. Learning how to do affiliate/online marketing--that's the part that will cost you.

  • 1 decade ago

    Nobody is going to give you marketing or promotional advice without some sort of deal, so here is mine.

    Im an affiliate for GDI and my sponsor has over 100 instructional vids and tons of resources that he provides us with and from experience it works. It has downloadale e-books, video tutorials , promotional programs, weekly webinars, and hundreds of tips. It really is full proof is you ask me.

    I can offer you the info website if you sign up under my sponsorship with GDI. And remember, if i were trying to scam you this would be pointless because the only way i can actually benefit from sponsoring anyone is if they are successful. So im not going to steer you in the wrong direction.

    its free for 7 days so if you think it wont work for you you can cancel and you wont be charged

    Anyway, if your interested.

    Hope i could help ya :)

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