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What are some good sources to read about police brutality and to look at the constitutionality of the police?

I plan on writing an essay that argues the point that, looking back at the original ideas presented by the founding fathers, the police force that we have today should be considered completely Unconstitutional. I would also like to look at specific cases of police corruption and brutality.

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    By no means do I support brutality, but when you take a look at the scum bags cops have to deal with (especially in big cities) I am not shocked when they have to be "rough". A soft cop will not last long in a big city.

    Try walking in their shoes, and see how well asking a person committing a felon to stop is. They are about to go to prison, and will do anything to not go "willingly". Of course they should not beat them to death, but of course there are going to be some hard blows given by both sides. They don't call it a street fight without a reason.

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