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Sylish ladies in NY help!?

I'm going to NY in late Feb. and I'm a CA girl. I get cold when it gets to be 65 outside. This trip will be a chance for me to see the beautiful city, but more importantly get back to me. I'm a single mom and really want to be me for a week. Subtly sexy, and classy. Typically I'm so busy chasing my son I dont get the time to look cute. Or it's just not practical to look cute when I know my son will pull my earrings off..

So ladies, what kind of cute affordable outfits should I wear?

Please Please help.


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    im sorry but in nyc you have to choose between being warm and looking good. i moved to new york from malibu 3 years ago so i get cold easily too but i work for Vogue Magazine and looking stylish is part of my job. women here wear dresses with manolo blahnik strappy sandals during a snow strom and pretend not to be cold. also its like affordable isnt in anybodys vocabulary, so a heads up, everything is very very very expensive! as for outfits you could wear, i would try some skinny jeans with a cozy v neck sweater, a nice scarf with matching mittens and a paecoat that isn't done up. if you dont want your feet to get cold try leather boots with a thin 3 inch heel. to make an outfit look good, the key is acessories. try some bangles or big chunky necklaces. also to make any outfit looks stylish and trendy, get an oversize bag, it pulls the whole outfit togetheryou can get all this stuff at macys or any department stores. oh and i dont know if you wear a lot of make up, but hear in new york we do , do i suggest putting on make up that is a bit more uh... dramatic

    i really hope this helped and dont worry youll have lots of fun in new york and you deserve a break.

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  • I think the range of answers you see here should answer your question :) Some New Yorkers could care less about fashion, others work for Vogue (although I have to giggle at Jessica's answer because my own roommate once made the mistake of wearing a designer-knockoff to her own job at one of the major fashion magazines and is still scarred from the experience). I think it's about finding a happy medium where you're both warm and cute (unless it's really really like below 0 cold, and then just go for warm. No one is cute when they're angry and freezing, no matter what they're wearing).

    I also have to point out that you answer yourself in your question - your a single mom who really just wants to be you for the week. Work your personal style, girl! At the end of the day, that's what this City is all about.

    But yeah, you can't go wrong in dark skinny jeans, V neck cashmere, and flat leather boots. . This is true in ANY city, ps. It's boring but basic and classic. Accessorize at will.

    On the outside - long wool jacket or down parka (but um, not ski-jacket style down parka). Coordinating scarf & gloves. I suggest cashmere/leather cashmere lined just because they're soo warm.

  • In February? It's too cold to look sexy. You want to be warm first. lol Seriously, you want to make sure that you bring clothing that'll keep you warm. Think - layers. Jeans are a must. You can wear thermal pants underneath if the weather's below freezing. You can't go wrong with a cute pair of boots. However, I will NOT recommend these if you're planning on doing a lot of walking while you're here. Some more suggestions - sweaters, long sleeved shirts, a coat, a hat, scarf, gloves. If you want to be stylish, bring lots of cute handbags. :))

    Source(s): NYC native. We know how to survive during the brutal winters here.
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    i just got to NYC today. From Chicago, so cold is no stranger to me! It's so different here though, the ladies wear dresses, no tights and a cute little jacket and don't even ACT cold! It's more about style then keeping warm so it seems. But you get the occasional bundled up, including myself, who care more about a stylish coat and over sized scarf, skinny jeans, a fedora and boots and I'm seeing almost everyone with sunglasses on! Dress warm, it's in the 30's here :)

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