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Blago is entitled to representation by the Attorney General of Illinois.?

I just heard his defense attorney talking at a news conference that Blago should have the right to representation by the Attorney general but since she is filing suit in the supreme court of Illinois, the state should pay Blago's defense costs. Seems like quite a deal. Illinois pays for the prosecution and the defense for this sleaze. The State won't impeach him and the court won't remove him and the representatives don't want a special election for the Senate seat. What is going on? Politics as usual?

Will Blago serve out his term while we all watch and wait?

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    In the list of responsibilities of the Illinois Attorney General, we see:

    Third ‑ To defend all actions and proceedings against any State officer, in his official capacity, in any of the courts of this State or the United States.

    One must twist reality past the point where it screams in pain, in order to make a case that selling a government position for private profit is part of the "official capacity" of any government official. It requires a second torture session to demonstrate that a legislative body is a court. By contrast, I saw two other responsibilities (from that paragraph's list of 14) that don't need any torture at all to suggest, if (s)he believes Blagojevich is guilty, to ease the man out as smoothly as can be arranged.

    By all accounts, though, Blagojevich's attorney has a habit of getting the guilty off. But you'd expect someone like Blagojevich to know the best defense attorney around, wouldn't you? One hopes the guy continues to confuse a legislature with a court, because they're much different critters, and the rules of one don't work in the other.

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    Blago is entitled to representation by the AG in matters of state activity - that is, if someone sued Blago for making the decision to allow sidewalks to be torn up in Springfield as a result of an executive order.

    However, the A-G cannot and should not defend Blago for criminal activity, and in particular the A-G has no legal authority to defend anyone who is not working in a state capacity.

    Or put another way, the A-G cannot defend Blago if he were arrested for robbing a candy store. That is criminal activity not related to his position as governor.

    He's screwed.

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    WHAT are you babbling about?

    What possible enjoyment can you get from this bullshit?

    You know damn well that Blago was impeached AND convicted AND removed from office a year ago.

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    A person is innocent until proved guilty. He is the Governor of a state therefore is entitled to have the state pay his legal costs when it involves state issues, not personal ones. For example, they would not represent him in a divorce case.

    None of us really know what happened....

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