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Pretty Girl Names & Cute Boy Names?

I'm writing a story and I need some names for the main characters. So, I was hoping you could share your favorite girl names, [along with middle names, please.] and your top boy names too. Thank you! :), xoxo.

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    Evelyn Grace

    Ruby Elizabeth

    Megan Hannah

    Savannah Paige

    Isabella Rose

    Abigail Brooke

    Josephine Lauren

    Kiara Jade

    Colton Levi

    Lincoln Sawyer

    Ethan Lucas

    Nathaniel Blake

    Jensen Michael

    Joshua Elliott

    Jasper Isaac

    Emerson Henry

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    Girls: Evangeline Marie Brielle Rose Madeleine Siobhan Savannah Rose Alexandra Marie Elizabeth Sinead Mariead Kathryn Kathleen Rose Camilla Belle Kathryn Siobhan Boys: William Francis Braden Daniel Michael Alexander Collin Nicholas Joseph Francis Noah Alexander John Stephen Daniel Joseph Braden Sky Jacob James

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    My top names are:

    Nora Lily

    Virginia Kate

    Ruby Willow

    Georgia Alice

    Julian Lucas

    Sawyer David

    Finn Alexander

    Eli Russel

    Patrick Spencer


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    Daniela (Marie) and Fabian or Fabiano

    Daniela (Ruby) and Lucas

    Daniela (Nicole) and Marcus

    Daniela (Carine) and James

    Daniela (Cathrine) and Simon

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    Here is my baby names list of my favorite names, it could give you some suggestions!

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    my favorites are

    lillyanna marie

    jaylin marie (my daughters name)

    molly elizabeth

    grace rose


    ethan micheal

    justin joel

    daniel shaun

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    Livvy Brown, i think that has a ring to it.

    Luca Tyler

    i also think it has a ring to it!

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    Feel free to use Insanislupus. It is inter-gender.

    Source(s): Named.
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