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jpmorgan chase bank plays dirty?

this bank is not hear to help anyone.they took the goverment money and instead of helping us home owners they're having a good time.what do you think about this greed stricken bank?


my husband was laid off for 10 are we suppose to predict the future

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    the same is Bank of America - doubled my interest on my business card - from 7.9% to 14.9% - cut my credit - each time I add extra they cut it back. Last year I paid $2000 in interest - with original agreement - 7% it would be $1000. They did NOT give me an option - new credit low does not protect small business. These gangsters are killing business in USA for their fast buck greed. There is minimal protection for creditors in USA - it is big corporation game to maximize PROFIT for boys on the top.

    Get your money out of these monsters - use cash - use local credit unions.

    Look at AIG - these are greedy pigs - and support Obama - do not listen to the Murdoch corp media propaganda a lies

    Source(s): AIG Bonuses: Back at the Trough‎ - 1 hour ago When the AIG bonus scandal broke, there was serious talk of imposing a 90 percent tax on the bonus payments. Once fooled, it is time for Congress to return ...
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    I don't believe that banks are evil, nor are they saints. They are just driven by profit. If you are delusional and think otherwise, then you are mistaken.

    I agree that they should never have received any government funds. Yet my current understanding is that the banks in effect got loans themselves, which they are paying back.

    The real evil out there are people who buy things they can not afford, and then don't pay back the money to the people they borrowed from on the agreed terms. If you borrowed money from a man, who was kind enough to lend it to you, then you are the evil and greedy one if you don't pay him back.

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    What help, specifically, are you looking for?

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