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What are the best things to do in Cancun?

My boyfriend and I are going to Cancun to celebrate my 21st bday (funny, bc you only have to be 18 there) but we have never planned our own vacation before

We already have the flight and hotel planned out, which is all inclusive, but its not a resort or anything.

For those who have been before, should we book things ahead? or just plan it when we get there?

any info on how to get the best deals for activites?

Would you reccommend bar passes or pay by the drink? and what activites would you tell someone they should definitely do?

I already know i want to go to Tulum, Xel-Ha, xcaret, and Chichen Itza

thanks for the ideas!!

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    Well, if I were 21ish I'd book things when I got there. You are going to be celebrating and the last thing you are going to feel like after a night of hitting the Cancun clubs is getting up at 7:00 am to sit on a bus to Chichen Itza. I'm not saying that you shouldn't go to Chichen Itza - you should. But you'll want to book that for a day when you have a relatively tame night the day before. If you book in advance you are not going to have the flexibility.

    You may also want to consider the ruins at Coba, or Ek Balam. The cenotes Ik Kil, Dzinup or Zaci or any one of hundreds in the area. You can google all these things and see if they sound interesting to you.

    If you can find another couple to help off set the costs then you might want to consider renting a car for some of your day trips as it will likely be cheaper than tours when you split the costs 4 ways. Everyone selling tours is going to tell you not to do this because it's dangerous. It's not. They just want you to buy their tour. Don't drink and drive, drive in the day time be alert and you should be fine sould you choose to rent a car.

    Have fun!

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    I would wait and make your decision when you get there. There are plenty of buses going to these places so no risk of missing out. FYI, Xel-ha and Xcaret are an awful lot alike. There are cenotes at both. I wouldn't waste my money on doing both. I prefer Xcaret, but if you get the Tulum/Xel-ha combo package that's a good deal. Tulum/ Xel-ha is 90 minutes from Cancun. Xcaret is about half that since it's in Playa del Carmen. Have you considered Xplor? It's a new adventure park that you might like located in PDC next to Xcaret.

    Chichen Itza will be crowded. The temple of Kukulcan is one of the 7 wonders of the world. However, they will no longer allow you to climb the temple. If you want to climb a temple and get up close and personal to some of the ruins, I recommend Ek Balam. (see below). It's not too far from Chichen Itza and some tours will take you to both. The concierge at your hotel should be able to help you find just the right tour.

    I do not recommend bar passes, but then I may not be the best judge. I'm a short hitter.

    I hope you enjoy the area as much as I do!

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    Good morning first of all let me tell you that cancun is a safe place for you to enjoy everything it offers.

    I would recommend you to make your reservations before you arrive and have more time to enjoy in the Caribbean.

    if you want to visit Xcaret and Xel-ha, then you should take into account that the date that are comming is good season and i thing you will waste some time looking for activities my particular oppinion its is make your reservation in advanc . Chichen Itza is a little removed from cancun but it si one of the seven wonders of the world and if you have the opportunity to visit it it.

    Finally I'll leave it up to you if you want to know and get more information visit these pages I am sure that will help you and give you good discounts.

    you enjoy it.

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