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10 + Facts About King Richard III?

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    1. The stuff about being hunchbacked seems to have been a Tudor myth.

    2. He was the last of the Plantagenet dynasty.

    3. His defeat at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485 was the final battle of the Wars of the Roses and is sometimes regarded as the end of the Middle Ages in England.

    4. Richard was the last King to die in battle.

    5. He owed his claim to the throne as the brother of Edward IV who died in April 1483. Richard was named Lord protector of the realm for Edward's son and successor, the 12-year-old King Edward V. As the new king travelled to London from Ludlow, Richard met him and escorted him to London where he was lodged in the Tower. Edward V's brother Richard later joined him there. They later disappeared and are presumed to have been murdered on his orders.

    6. On 22 June 1483, outside St. Paul's Cathedral, a statement was read out on behalf of Richard declaring that Edward IV's marriage to Elizabeth Woodville was illegitimate and that, in consequence, Richard, not his nephew, was the rightful king. Edward V and his brother are presumed to have been murdered on his orders.

    7. During the Wars of the Roses Richard proved himself to be an able military campaigner securing much of the north of England for the Yorkist cause.

    8. After Bosworth his remains were carried back to Leicester, where he was buried, the exact spot has been lost.

    9. Richard III was found not guilty in a mock trial presided over by three justices of the United States Supreme Court in 1997. Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist and Associate Justices Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Stephen G. Breyer, in a 3-0 decision, ruled that the prosecution had not met the burden of proof that "it was more likely than not" that the Princes in the Tower had been murdered; that the bones found in 1674 in the Tower were those of the princes; or that Richard III had ordered or was complicit in their deaths.

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    Facts About King Richard Iii

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    1. 1452 King Richard III was born on 2 October 1452 at Fotheringay Castle. He was the son of Richard, Duke of York (1411-1460) and Cecily Neville (1415-1495) and the brother of King Edward IV

    2. 1472 July 12, 1472: Richard married Anne Neville who was the younger daughter of Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick and Anne Beauchamp

    3. 1473 King Richard has a son: Edward of Middleham, also known as Edward Plantagenet

    4. 1482 Richard recaptured Berwick-upon-Tweed from the Scots

    5. 1483 26 June 1483: Richard, Duke of Gloucester was declared King Richard III

    6. 1483 July 6, 1483: Richard was crowned at Westminster Abbey

    7. 1484 April 9 1484: Edward of Middleham, also known as Edward Plantagenet the only son of King Richard III of England died suddenly, cause unknown

    8. 1484 March 16 1484: Anne Neville, the wife of King Richard III died of tuberculosis

    9. 1485 Battle of Bosworth Field 22 August 1485: King Richard III was killed and his supporters defeated at the Battle of Bosworth Field in Leicestershire against Lancastrian forces led by Henry Tudor

    10. Richard was the last king of the Plantagenet family, who had ruled over England for more than three hundred years. Richard's defeat at Bosworth Field by Henry Tudor ended the Plantagenet dynasty and the Wars of the Roses and heralded the Tudor dynasty

    The web site that I have given you is full of facts about King Richard III and you should be able to get more information.

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    I don't know if I know 10, but the most important is that he was innocent. 2. He was the last Plantagenet. 3. He was not a hunchback or in any other way deformed. 4. His only son died in childhood. 5. He was a loyal brother. 6. He was a good soldier and general. 7. The town of York mourned him when he died and published an elegy extolling his virtues despite the problems it might have caused them with his supplantor. 8. Most of the calumnies about him were written 50 years or more after his death by sycophants of the Tudors like Thomas More and Shakespeare, who based his play on Thomas More's history. 9. When he was put in charge of the Welsh Marches by his brother King Edward and became responsible for dispensing judgments there his fairness, logic, and knowledge of law were much admired and commented upon. 10. He was succeeded by two of the worst kings in English history: the avaricious Henry Tudor and his diseased, megalomaniacal, and murderous son Henry VIII. Jeez, I guess I could think of 10 things.

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    1. he is third Richard to rule

    2. he was a king

    3. he already dead

    4. he was married

    5. he was born as male

    6. his favorite color is blue

    7. he is not Lionheart

    8. he had a group of knights as bodyguard

    9. he used to wear a crown before he died

    10. he used to sit on throne before he died

    Source(s): that is the facts, which may not hold any historical answer, but it's still a facts
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    He was a hot sexy king mmmmmm

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