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Looking to buy my first hunting rifle?

I own a few hand guns but never a rifle, I have always wanted to get into hunting but not sure were to start with a gun.

Whats the best brand for around $500.00

Bolt action or Pump

Caliber? 30.06? 30.30?



Thanks to the people who answered my question.

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    As for caliber go with the 30-06. There are a wide variety of 30-06 ammo out there and highly available for whatever game you want to hunt. It all depends on the grain of bullet being used. For varmints something like 80 or 100 grain bullet and for deer 150 to 180 grain and for elk, moose, brown bear size animals then 220 grain. If you would reload the world is open to you.

    As for rifles, here is my recommendations:

    1. Marlin XL7 in 30-06 with synthetic stock, sells around $300 to $350 new.

    2. Remington Model 700 ADL in 30-06 with synthetic stock, sells around $300 to $400 used and $450 to $600 new.

    I own both of these and would recommend these rifles to anyone. My Marlin XL7 is chambered in 25-06 for varmint and deer and antelope hunting. My Remington Model 700 ADL is in 30-06 and I use it for every type of hunting.

    I also reload for both calibers, so I can make up just about any round I want for whatever game I am hunting. The 25-06 I would want not use for moose, elk or brown bear, possibly not even use it for black bear. I got the 25-06 for what I listed it for and deer and antelope is about the largest game you want to take with a 25-06. So again I recommend the 30-06. A 30-30 is good but you are limited to what game you can hunt, even though it is a good caliber I still prefer 30-06.

    Source(s): Hunter and gun owner for over 30 years.
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    Well if you are just starting out, I would say you should look into a 30-06. It is a great all around caliber that's just good enough for just about everything. I am partial to it, but would be lying if I did not say that a .270 is not a sweet rifle as well. The ought 6 is a bit more versatile for larger game like Moose, and Elk, however a .270 in 130 grains is a rocket for antelope and sheep. Both have strengths and weaknesses, but are capable. Being that you are new, if you don't intend to hunt Black Bear, a .308 will work well too, and costs a lot less to shoot at the range. Now if you are looking for a rifle and a scope, for 400, you will probably not be able to buy a new gun; at least not a mainstream one. However, most used rifles like a Remington 700, or Winchester 70 are almost always found with low miles. People don't really shoot hunting rifles much. Usually they zero the gun with a few boxes, then shoot a couple shots a year. It is not uncommon to find a nice 20 year old rifle with less than 200 through it. I would look into a Remington 700. There are lots of good brands out there, but a 700 is the most common, and can be repaired cheaply. I have never owned a Savage, and don't like them, but know hunters who swear by them as a "best bang for the buck" type of gun. I will saw that I own several H&R rifles. These are single shot rifles that shoot great. You could get a nice 30-06 for about 275 dollars new. For 100 dollars more you could get a different caliber barrel for it, and have one gun 2 calibers for under 400. This solves the whole "which caliber do I get" thing. What ever you do, try to spend a bit more on the glass. It is more important to buy a cheap rifle with a good scope than the other way around. Any gun store can get you an H&R. They are also known as NEF guns. Good Luck.

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    Marlin XL7 in 30-06 or Xs7 in in 308 or a Savage 11 or 10 in 308 savage 111 or 110 in 30-06

    these are all good options you will be happy with. Savage is the better gun but the marlin isnt far behind. Im looking to get a marlin too in 243 for coyotes.The marlin is the cheapest and the quality that ive sen is pretty good. They are like a cross between a savage and a remington 700. Remington owns Marlin now also.

    Another brand to consider is USSG in 308 or 30-06they are like a Mauser 98 but run arround 400$ i think and they have controll round feed which is a plus. Go to and check out all the rifles i mentioned and you will get a good idea of what there price range is.

    Id go 30-06 because it has more thump downrange and a little more distance. You can load heavier bullets in the 30-06 too. 308 and 30-06 the same caliber with different brass sizes. bigger means more powder and more range and the 30-06 is the biger of the 2.

    good luck

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    Depends on where you plan to do most of your hunting and what game you plan to hunt. If you live somewhere with some wide open areas where a shot of more than 100 yards would be common against deer I would say a .308, .30-06, .270, etc bolt action. The Savage 10/110 is a good choice. Very accurate but reasonably priced. If you plan on hunting in more wooded areas where shots of less than 100 yards will be the norm then a Marlin 336 in .30-30 would be a good choice. A used one will run you a whole lot less than $500

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    The "best" depends on the situation or situations where you would find yourself hunting. If you are going to hunt over wide open areas and you need range. Bolt action guns have long been known to have greater accuracy over lever action guns. I have a lever action 30-30 though, mainly because the conditions I hunt in don't tend to require long shots. Plus, I just like the Winchester Model 94 30-30. Mine is actually about 15 years older than me and was manufactured in the early 1950s.

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    either weapon would be great -- 30-06 definitely get a bolt action -- a remmington, savage or marlin are great affordable weapons -- .30-30 is another good choice - henry, Winchester, marlin and savage are all great affordable weapons -- lever action is great for this weapon.......I never owned a pump action for anything, so............ur on ur own on the pump action............

  • I got a (bolt-action) Savage 111 in 30-06, because of it's versatility. There are a wide range of loads available.

    Roughmar I don't need a gun to teabag you. I'll use your garbanzo curry and new age books.

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    What conditions are you going to hunt in and what do you intend to hunt?

    For short range(under 150 yards**), and for deer size game it's tough to beat a Marlin 336 30-30

    A NIB 336 should run you somewhere in the $350-$400 range.

    **The new Hornady LeverEvolution 30-30rd will push that out to around 200yds

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    My favorite was .308 winchester bolt. Very accurate, very effective, very reliable. Not quite the power of a 30-06, but it will do the job.

    My uncle used a .270 remington pump, neverfailked to bag a deer.

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    I suggest a Savage model 111 FNS. it comes in 30-06 and is around your price range.

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