What are the common symptoms of Placental abruption?

What are some of the risks that may cause placental abruption? I do know that abdominal tenderness is one, I was wondering if anyone could clarify what that means exactly? How much would be a concern and how much tenderness might be normal?

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  • Connie
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    1 decade ago
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    bleeding, clots, pain.

    minor, moderate, severe abruption/seperation.

    I had a moderate separation @ 17 weeks and had a heavy bleed and clots for 2 weeks and just a nagging pain. I was on bedrest at home and I think the next step is hospital bed rest.

    If it were severe enough then I would say they would deliver. They called mine @17 weeks a threatened miscarraige.

    I believe having problems with bleeding and the placenta in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters raises the risk significantly of a premature delivery. My membranes ruptured at 31weeks.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    If you are talking about a placental abruption the symptoms are usually bright red bleeding and/or sharp pains in the uterus (not contractions). It can be hard to pin point what the pains are from and can easily be misdiagnosed because a placental abruption can be hard to find. I was lucky enough to have bright red bleeding and was 38 weeks so they just did a c-section but didn't know for certain that it was an abruption until after the c-section. Edit: leaweller04 is right, constant contractions can be a symptom, but the pain in the uterus is a sharp pain, not a contraction. They are two separate symptoms. I hope that's not too confusing.

  • punkin
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    1 decade ago

    this is some thing a lot pregnant lady's should be aware of. I had my daughter on Oct 17 , 2209 at 5 months she died the same day due to this. I didn't know any thing about this till it happened, i had spotting while i was pregnant also i had blood clots and the day i had her i had tenderness on my stomach. This is very pain full to lose a child that you wanted so bad

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