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煩請修改Titanic影評-200字 ~急- Thanks!

"Titanic” is a romance story’s movie. It made from James Cameron. He describes epics romance set against the ill-fated maiden voyage. The ship of dreams on the Titanic.

He describes journey a poor artist’s Jack and a upper-class girl’s Rose fall in love. They met to Titanic. Rose want not to policy’s married. She run to self-slaughter in the Titanic. Jack said her “If you jump, I will jump with you.” Jack painted with her in the cabin. . They were dearly of them. The party held on the Titanic .Suddenly, the Titanic run into the ill-fated. They have worry about to help them. They felt life to their short period. Most people luck to relieve. The passenger have not .to rescue.

I felt a romance the movie. It was too attract to see the film.. The story was also touching and interesting It was the value film. I like to air my opinion towards some of those characters and their story that had impressed me very much. I don’t tell the movie’s ending to you.. I will wait for you to see the end of movie .

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    The advantages of Titantic:

    (1)When human being face dangers, some people are selfish but some consider others.

    (2)The people of Hong Kong should unite together to face dangers.

    (3)The story,photographing ,costume design are very well done.

    (4)The love story in this film is very attractive and charming. The actor and the actress playing in a major role acts very well.

    (5)In the film there are many grand features which are fanastic.


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