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例如: Emilia - Big Big Girl


例如: Kelly Clarkson - Because Of You



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    *****Air Supply--All Out Of Love

    *****Air Supply--Goodbye


    *****Avril Lavigne--Complicated

    *****Avril Lavigne--I Will Be

    *****Avril Lavigne--Losing Grip

    *****Avril Lavigne--My Happy Ending

    ***Avril Lavigne--Together

    *****Avril Lavigne--When You're Gone

    ****Backstreet Boys--Don't Wanna Lose You Now

    *****Backstreet Boys--Drowning

    *****Backstreet Boys--Shape of My heart

    *****Backstreet Boys--I Want It That Way

    ****Backstreet Boys--What Makes You Different

    *****Bee Gees--First Of May

    *****Bee Gees--How Deep Is Your Love

    *****Bee Gees--Right Here Waiting

    *****Britney Spears--Everytime

    ****Britney Spears--I Will Be There

    *****Carpenters--Close To You

    *****Carpenters--Yesterday Once More

    ****Carpenters--Top Of The World

    ***Cascada--Bad Boy

    ****Cascada--What Hurts The Most

    ****Coldplay--Viva La Vide

    *****Dana Winner--Moonlight Shadow

    *****Daniel Powter--Bad Day

    *****Daniel Powter--Best Of Me

    *****Daniel Powter--Free Loop

    *****Daniel Powter--Love You Lately

    *****Daniel Powter--Next Plane Home

    ****Darin Zanyar--Peerless

    *****David Archuleta--Crush

    ****David Gates--Goodbye Girl

    *****Declan Galbraith--An Angel

    *****Declan Galbraith--Danny Boy

    *****Declan Galbraith--Love Of My life

    *****Deutschl. sucht den Superstar(DSDS)--Cry On My Shoulder

    ****Eason Chan(陳奕迅)--Aren't You Glad

    ****Enrique Iglesias--Do You Know

    ***Enrique Iglesias--Hero

    *****Frente--Bizarre Love Triangle

    ****Gil--It's Your Love

    *****George Benson--Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You

    ****High School Musical--Gotta Go My Own Way

    *****Jesse McCartney--Because You Live

    *****Jet--Look What You've Done

    ****Jordin Sparks--No Air

    ****Jordin Sparks--Tattoo

    ***Kelly Clarkson--Because Of You

    ****Lady Gaga--Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

    ****Lady Gaga--Eh,Eh(Nothing Else I Can Say)

    ***Lady Gaga--Fashion

    ***Lady Gaga--I Like It Rough

    ****Lady Gaga--Just Dance

    *****Lady Gaga--Lovegame

    *****Lady Gaga--Paparazzi

    *****Lady Gaga--Poker Face

    ****Lady Gaga--Starstruck

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    ***Lenka--The Show

    ****Leona Lewis--Better In Time

    Leona Lewis--Bleeding Love

    ****Leona Lewis--The Best You Never Had

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    M2M--Big Big World

    M2M--Girl in your dreams

    M2M--The Day You Went Away

    M2M--Pretty Boy

    *****Mariah Carey--Bye Bye

    ***Mariah Carey--I'm That Chick

    2010-02-08 15:05:19 補充:

    ***McFly--Not Alone


    ****McFly--The Heart Never Lies

    *****Michael Jackson--Heal The World

    *****Micheal Jackson--We Are The World

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    *****Michael Learns To Rock--Nothing To Lose

    *****Michael Learns To Rock--That's Why You Go Away

    ****Michael Learns To Rock--Sleeping Child

    *****Michael Learns To Rock--Take Me To Your Heart

    ****Sarah Conner--Just One Last Dance

    ****Savage Garden--I Knew I Loved You

    ****Savage Garden--Truly Madly Deeply

    2010-02-08 15:05:39 補充:

    *****Shayne Ward--Breathless

    *****Shayne Ward--No Promises

    *****Shayne Ward--That's my goal

    Shrek1--All Star

    ***Shrek2--Accidentally In Love

    ****Stephen Bishop--It Might Be You

    *****Taylor Swift--Love Story

    *****Taylor Swift--Breathe

    2010-02-08 15:05:46 補充:

    *****Trademark--Miss You Finally

    *****Trademark--Only Love

    ****Trademark--I could live on loving you

    ****Westlife--Fool Again


    *****Westlife--I Lay My Love On You

    ****Westlife--If I Let You Go

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    ****Westlife--Maybe Tomorrow

    *****Westlife--My Love


    ****Westlife--On My Shoulder

    ***Westlife--Season In The Sun


    ****Westlife--Something Right

    ****Westlife--Swear It Again

    ***Westlife--That's Where You Find Love

    ****Westlife--The Rose

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    ****Westlife--To Be With You


    ***Westlife--Us Against The World

    ****Westlife--What Do They Know

    ***Westlife--When A Woman Loves A Man

    ****Westlife--When I'm With You

    *****Westlife--When you're Looking Like That

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    ***Westlife--You Light Up My Life

    *****Westlife--You Raise Me Up

    ****Westlife--Change The World

    *****Westlife---How To Break A Heart

    *****Westlife---What About Now

    *****98 Degrees--My Everything

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    Green Day- Wake Me Up When September Ends

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    Linkin Park - New Divide

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    Linkin Park - In The End

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    Linkin Park - Faint

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    Kelly Clarkson - Because Of You

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    Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown

    Youtube thumbnail


    Green Day - 21 Guns

    Youtube thumbnail


    Green Day - American Idiot

    Youtube thumbnail


    Green Day - Basket Case music video

    Youtube thumbnail


    Green Day- Holiday

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    Green Day-Hitchin' A Ride

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    avril lavigne-i will be

    lady gaga-Second Time Around

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    nightwish---a dead boy's poem


    Youtube thumbnail

    declan galbraith---imagine


    amy grant---i will be your friend


    declan galbraith---tell me why


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    declan galbraith---danny boy

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