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英翻中 throw his bear all about?

throw something all about要怎麼翻譯

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    我想應該是 到處亂丟的意思

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    throw sth about/around scatter sth 亂拋某物: Don't throw litter about like that. 不要亂扔雜物.

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    about (adv)

    (a) (indicating movement) here and there, in many directions; all around (表示動向)到處, 各處, 處處: The children were rushing a`bout. 孩子們到處亂闖. * The boys were climbing about on the rocks. 男孩子都在岩石上亂爬呢.

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    (b) (indicating position) here and there (in a place) (表示位置)(在某一地方)到處; 各處: books lying about on the `floor 散置地上的書 * people sitting about on the `grass 在草地上各處坐著的人們.

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    所以這裡的 throw one's things all about

    這裡的 all 是副詞

    修飾 about 來加強語氣

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    但我不曉得你標題的 throw his bear all about

    這裡的 bear 是指什麼


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    throw something all about的意思是扔掉所有有關的東西

    throw 是扔




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