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Tao asked in 教育與參考考試 · 1 decade ago

我的自傳 麻煩中翻英 20點

麻煩各位英文造詣很好的大大替我翻譯一下好嗎 >< ?









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  • 1 decade ago
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    你的自傳用英文翻譯應該是樣: Your school principal hello:   You are good, I call XXX. I am a middle-school student, goes study the second grade. In school result not specially prominent, but always maintains above the average, I like mathematics and the physics and chemistry and English very much, although English did not calculate that the familiar but ordinary dialog also knows something about, usually then likes in the school with schoolmate or outside the teacher talks with English, occasionally will read some English novel. I also have the interest to the movement and the computer, the country hour I participate in the computer society, once the robot competition〞 captured fourth in 〝Olympia NET.   I thought that Canada studies the reason to have its two: I thought that Taiwan&#039;s education system is not that consummates, Taiwan&#039;s education is the too widespread teaching, and is unable to achieve the raise professional skill the education. Comes me in Taiwan is not again ten points diligently in the schoolwork student, therefore I thought that raises my will from the affiliation opportunity to a strange environment as well as overcomes the difficult ability.   Thanked expensive principal to find time to look at my this to introduce oneself, hoped that could let you understand me, thanked. Really very expected that can enter your school to go study. Thanks you.

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