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Love or Money

這本原文書 的大意是什麼?






OXFORD 出版....

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If yes, 2 reviews for your reference:

    (1) I did not read any of the reviews before reading this book, but even

    with all the bad reviews I still would have read the book because I WAS

    a fan of Omar Tyree. This book was just really really bad. I read Flyy

    Girl and loved it, that book had so much fire to it and it was a true

    page turner, I anticipated this book because I wanter the same fire I

    experienced in Flyy Girl, boy was I disappointed.This book was also

    very unrealistic, how is it that in such a short time she managed to

    become a successful writer and a movie star with next to no struggles.

    In the book she talked so much about how she had to work so hard for

    what she had but it seems like all of her success came so easy to her.

    I found her extremely self centered and arrogant. I had to struggle to

    finish this book and I was disappointed with the ending.Omar I

    am so disappointed in this novel, from Single Mom to Sweet St. Louis it

    just keeps getting worst, what's going on with you? Before writing this

    review I finally read all the other reviews and it seems like almost

    everyone feels the same way, we cannot all be wrong? You made reference

    to Eric Jerome Dickey in your book, well I suggest that you read some

    of his past books and learn a thing or two from that brother. I still

    have hope for you and I wish you luck with your next project but please

    please take some time out to plot your story and come correct next

    time. (2) 以下連結的寫得更細膩一些,將作者的上一本書Flyy girl 也連進來:

    Source(s): 別人的文章
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