What is the unit of "pain"?

how the gravity of pain can be measured and what are its units?

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    What i heard is "Del", the unit of pain measurement. It is measured by MRI scan.

    British scientists say they have for the first time developed a way to use brain scans to objectively measure the levels of pain felt by patients.

    Using magnetic resonance imaging, researchers have found distinct differences between the brains of people who are experiencing pain and those who are not. That means doctors may have a way to measure suffering based on something other than asking patients how they are feeling, The Sunday Times of London reported.

    "Pain seems to increase the blood flow to certain parts of the brain, roughly in proportion to the amount of pain felt, and we can measure that activation in a brain scan," Irene Tracey, professor of anaesthetic science at Oxford University, told the newspaper.

    She and her colleagues reportedly have found the brain employs a "pain matrix" wherein physical suffering typically activates more than a dozen parts of the brain -- a distinct contrast with other senses such as vision or hearing that only stimulate just one part of the brain.

    You may go for details at the website:

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    Units Of Pain

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    What is the unit of "pain"?

    how the gravity of pain can be measured and what are its units?

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    I have never heard of such a thing for each of us has our own tolerance to pain. The best gauge they have is by asking you how much pain you feel you are in on the 0 to 10 gauge, but that is how much you think you are in and isn't measured up against anybody else. It just gives them a good indication, the best guess there can be, yours, as to how bad the pain really is so they have some idea of what to maybe look for.

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    I don't think there are actual units of pain. It's all rated on your best and worse experiences, 1-10 Every one has a different tolerance to pain. There are different types of physical pain. Ones that are intense but goes away quickly, ones that are intense and lingers for awhile, and ones that are not so bad but linger all day or days.

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    I doubt it. Everyone's pain tolerance is different.

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