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Chemistry help? 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER!?

If this reaction has a percentage yield of 85.0%, what mass of methane can be obtained from 1250 g of carbon?


thanks in advance!

10 points best answer!

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    1250 g C * (1 mol C/ 12 g C) * (1 mol CH4/ 2 mol C) * (16g CH4/ 1mol CH4) = 833.33 gCH4 * .85 = 708.33g CH4

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    The sentiments expressed by all the answerers except 1 are exactly how I feel about this type of question. It is totally unreasonable to expect anybody to spend time on such a wide open and vague question - in fact I am sure that this is not the purpose of this forum, to write a thesis for you or to cover a large part of your year syllabus in 1 question. Forget about the amount of work for a miserable 10 points. You will see that Jess has attempted this - look at all the work - lines and lines of effort - her reward? Thumbs down from somebody. I hope that the thumbs down was given because the voter was expressing his objection to Jess encouraging this type of question. I have not read the answer - too much to take in. Do you deserve an answer? NO WAY!!

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    there is two time the carbon to methane so divide 1250 by 2 then multiply by .85

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    Ans. 708.3305 (approx) grams of methane can be obtained.

    Source(s): good knowledge in chemistry and calculator.
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