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Obama is again ignoring the clamor of the American People and produce proof he is a Natural Born Citizen and therefore a legal President Of the USA. So far Obama refuses to produce the document and has put all his documents off limits to his employers, Us the American Public..

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    The Obama Birth Certificate issue was and will remain an "issue", despite all his dazed and sophomoric followers comments. I especially love the LONG quotes of Obama and his "life", taken VERBATIM from Obamas web site.

    Of GREATER concern to me and one that the "hazed" supporters can not dispute, are ALL his school records, that would PROVE what a "brilliant" man Obama is. Yet, he spends 1.2 million a year to attorneys to INSURE these records are NEVER released. ( Let's NOT even mention his SEALED Medical Records ).

    The chronology of Obamas "life" is seriously "pockmarked" with missing, incomplete or "provided" information, without VERIFICATION or validation. EVERY POTUS in our HISTORY has a clear, visible and plain in sight history and LIFE.....................NOT Obama.

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    This is for Penny Lee. Perhaps you could tell me then why I had to produce mine for my last passport to prove I was an American citizen? I was living overseas at the time and had my old passport plus my long form birth certificate which I had to wait 8 month then to get my new passport. My school records were checked and my military records as well which I had to produce. Seems like one rule for some and another for the elite doesn't it? I was and still am an American citizen born and bred but was treated worse than an illegal immigrant wanting to come into the country. Now I believe it is getting even worse under this guy so what I want to know is where is his long form birth certificate and if I had to produce mine can you tell me why I wouldn't have the right to ask him to produce his? After all he is supposed to be the leader of my country and should be setting a precedent for its rules and regulations which mean they should apply to him just as it does to any other citizen.

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    The American People have made their choice and have spoken. He is the President of America. The question of his Birth Certificate is just another attempt by Hustlers to show that they dislike him for his skin Colour.Bad losers.

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    I say no---a certified reissue of the short-form COLB (with state seal) should be good enough. If it's good enough for the State Department, it should be good enough for you.

    To alamolicious...not sure about your case, but for my case, when applying for a passport, a short-form with a government seal didn't need your long-form. For Obama, the question is: Has anyone seen a COLB with the government seal? I have to believe so.`

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    Perhaps every person in the US should have to show a birth certificate any time they apply for a job, a loan, to open a bank account, to buy a car or a house, or any time someone asks to see it.

    Maybe every US citizen should have their birth certificate laminated and hung on a lanyard around their neck.

    Do you know where your birth certificate is? I have mine.

    What about your parents? Or your grand parents?

    And what about all those kids born overseas but their parents are US citizens?

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    Why? His COLB is the only proof of birth that Hawaii has issued for a number of years. It's stamped with the proper official's signature, has a raised seal, and all the information required. That means that the certificate certifies that the information on it, including date of birth, name, parent's names, city of birth, and state of birth exactly match what is on the long form.

    It's not a clamor, it's a few thousand idiots. Obama's records are as sealed as yours are, through privacy laws. Obama isn't even thinking about this issue, he has bigger problems to worry about. He thinks he's provided sufficient proof through the COLB and statements by Hawaiian officials confirm that he has.

    Protest his policies (the real ones, not the ones Fox News and Beck tell you exist), get off this inane topic.

    ADDED for alamolicious: Obama had to produce all kinds of records to get his first passport, get his jobs, get into school, work in the Senate (proof of citizenship was required by the Clerk before Obama was sworn in in Illinois and before he could get paid), apply to the states for ballot access, and get anything notarized. As did you. It took a while to get your records as you had to prove who you were and that you had a legitimate reason to see the information. But in neither case did either of you have to PUBLISH that information to the world.

    Birthers think that because THEY haven't seen Obama's records, no one has. But Obama has a passport (a new black diplomatic one to replace his prior one), a drivers license, a birth certificate, medical and school records. He's the only candidate to post his proof of birth online, and invited journalists to come see it before the election. Everybody who is legally required to see his documentation has.

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    in accordance to officers in Hawaii, the fast variety may well be obtained via human beings born exterior Hawaii, even though it won't SAY they have been born in Hawaii, it is going to say they have been born in Bali, or Japan, or the place they even have been born. to boot, the fast variety IS what you get once you request your first rate beginning certificates. The governor of Hawaii is a Republican, no longer a Democrat.

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    I really do not think it matters.

    Americans have shown such an arrogant disdain for the rights of others that a non-american President (if it be true) can only be a good thing.

    What is of more concern is the innate cruelty shown by the people who oppose his welfare reforms If that is typical of US thinking then perhaps the whole nation should be quarantined for the sake of the human race

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    I'll bet his advisors tell him not to do it just so people can listen to all the kooks spout off about it.

    I found it pretty convincing, myself, that two Hawaiian newspapers carried his birth announcement way back when. Hawaiian papers usually don't report births in Kenya.

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    The true one or the forged one ?

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