Please rate my photography pictures!? :)?

What do you think!?

Please tell me what you like, and don't like.

Rate my skills 1-100.

Also tell me you favorite ans least favorite please! (:

Thanks tell me as much as you can/want.


Sorry but yes i did take them I am 14 years old, alot of people take common pictures but i took them off my camera i just added some contrast! (: thanks. I would not post fake pictures to determine my skills that would be pointless!

Update 2:

I didn't photoshop! I just used contrast, im kinda obsessed with brighness and contrast... hehe. All natural though! (:

Update 3:

Yes they are mine! I took them a few days before my grandpas wedding in Yosemite California in February. It was a snowy day and if you looks there is snow my aunt and uncle took me up there. My camera is a digitall pink camera thats all i really know sorry, I am 14 years old. The ones that say texas are on my back porch!

Update 4:

and i just now made a flickr and added them, today. I just wanted peoples opinion. :( They are mine i promise. I can even upload more that I took, i just uploaded my favorite.

Update 5:

I can prove they are mine, there is an odd tree in the last 2 texas photos it was from my grandpa who cut down the tree because he didnt like it and it never grew back the right way. :(

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  • Ara57
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    10 years ago
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    Landscapes are my favorite genre of photography. You have visited beautiful locations and your pictures are bright and colorful (and how!) I do not know why people think you didn't take them. (They may be right, I have no way of knowing!) They were taken with a Sony P&S on auto, then heavily manipulated in post processing. Yosemite 010 was my favorite of the group, I also liked the tunnel shot. They are nice enough travel snaps of Yosemite except for the excessive contrast and saturation. They are not amazing or professional looking, but they are nice for your album. Enjoy them as mementos of your trip.

    It is not much use to randomly rate the snapshots from novice photographers. If I say they are a 2, how will that help you progress? The "gushers" may weigh in with their empty accolades of amazing, awesome, professional etc etc etc. It feels good to hear how amazing your photos are. We all like to hear good things! They are entitled to like a picture, of course, and everyone has a right to an opinion and to state that opinion.. But most of the gushers are teens who know very little about the craft and practically nothing about critique. Enjoy good remarks, but remember the source. You are at the beginning of the photography learning curve, as your pictures demonstrate. They have exposure and composition issues common to new and novice level photographers. In your case, also post processing issues unless you like color that makes your eyes bleed! You might get more detailed remarks/critique if you chose your favorite two or three and ask again. But to improve your skill you will have to put in some time and brain power to learning some basics of exposure and composition.

    Here is a link for beginning photographers:


    You can begin learning more about the craft, especially about lighting and composition. Many of your shots were taken in the flat light of midday. Landscapes are better shot in morning or late afternoon or around sunset or sunrise. That way the shadows lend form and definition and help the transition to dimensional rather than flat. Of course, when traveling on vacation sometimes you can't be at a location at the best time of day. That's how it goes. When the light is unfavorable, I like to shoot closeups sometimes, or look for something different than the usual vista. You also have a great deal of glare from shooting into the sun. Glare robs the natural contrast and rich color from the image. Of course, you have increased the contrast and saturation, in fact, you went way overboard. Tilt is seldom a good idea in a landscape. Keep those horizons level!

    The National Audubon Society has a nice little landscape book that you would find helpful, available on Amazon. Take a class or join a local club or group if possible to get real mentoring and feedback. Look at good images in books and magazines and pay attention to the lighting and composition. Think about each shot you make, and what you want the viewer to see and feel. Continue to learn and practice, and let up on the contrast and saturation slider! Keep at it, you have made a beginning. Photography is a fun hobby that you can enjoy for a lifetime. Best wishes and happy shooting!

  • 10 years ago

    I'm not sure why people here think you didn't take these pictures. Unlike the other responses though I would only call them average and give a rating of about 50 or 60. Landscapes need a degree of perfection and there is not enough control of shadow and highlight details in these pictures to be outstanding. A lot are taken with very high contrast light that perhaps your camera is not able to reproduce very well. There are ways around it by combining multiple photos at different exposures either by physically deconstructing them, separating the different problem areas and combining them into one shot or using the HDR feature which is available in Photoshop and other image editing software. HDRs can become unnatural looking and while some like this look I think the better representation would be to use the deconstruction method.

    I like yosemite 008 the best as it doesn't come across like your average tourist shot and the high contrast punch works with this image.

  • 10 years ago

    I dont see why they would say you didnt take them because in my opinion your pictures are average and wouldnt need to be faked.

    many of your photos are overedited, we all do it at times but I would say about half of your pictures the contrast is too high or the colors have been manipulated too much

    also I dont like the photos with the extreme tilts, many of your pictures also have a tilt to them that you can easily fix in photoshop and if they were fake a pro photographer would know that and have fixed them, however still they could be fake but i dont really give a hoot if they are, it would be kind of stupid for you to post a quesiton about photos you didnt take unless you were just really begging for attention.

    you need to work on your exposure levels, a few of your pictures are overexposed creating a just too bright effect also your horizon lines are a tad if-fy in some of your photos

    rating-in the middle with a 55.6

  • Maude
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    4 years ago

    Very nice. But could use a bit more editting. Remember to take more than just one picture of one thing. Different angles can make a plain picture very very interesting. (: Be creative!! I love how the flower one is not in the center of the picture. THAT is creative. (: And make sure that every picture you take has an intention because ANYONE can sit there and snap a picture. D:

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  • You a definite fantastical photographer! I give you a solid 95, for your skills are clear. I would just tell you to be careful about having so much contrast and using Photoshop too much. But you are still amazing!

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    at first i loved them... then i started thinking... somebody with this much talent wouldnt right and speak the way you do... then i saw somebody disprove you. and i think i have seen a few of these. judging by ur lack of traffic and lack of meta data and camera info. i dont belive that they're yours. otherwise they're GREAT!

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    i commented on a few (:

    really lovely.


  • 10 years ago

    I have seen those pictures before, you did not take them, sorry.

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