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What is Michael Myers on Modern Warfare 2?

What is Michael Myers? What is the point of the game? How do you play it?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Michael Myers is a fun game to play with some friends in a private match.

    need at least 7-9 people to work right.

    1 person is set as Michael ( up to 9 people) 2 Michaels if more than 9

    Setup the match for only 1 life and 10 min, map does not matter

    When the game starts everone goes and hides. You can't kill michael untill 5 min has passed. After the 5 min has passed the only was you can kill michael by pistol, knife, stun and flash. Michael has only 5 min to hunt and kill with out being killed.Michael can use a Shotgun, Knife, flash , stun or pistol.

    It may sound dumb but it is actually fun when you have a bunch of people.

    and try throwing knife dodgeball

    Basic Rules:

    Pick a small area with walls surrounding it

    Players may only use throwing knives

    Each team must stay on their half of the playing field

    round is over when one team is eliminated

    Players may use scavenger or one man army to get more throwing knives.

    u play on s&d with unlimited time and how ever many rounds

  • 1 decade ago

    basically one team member goes around trying to knife everybody else. the other team members cannot shoot the person who is michael myers. you do it on maps where you can glitch and go to crazy places. it's lots of fun

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