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Does anyone know of a website that e-files your state taxes for free?

I e-filed my state return for free in 2008 but I can't remember the website.

Also I lived in two different states and had two different jobs this year. So I have more than one W-2. For the first job I have one W-2 and the second job I have like 4 W-2s because I moved out of state and continued working there while living in another state. I was wondering when I file my state taxes do I have to file three time? One for the first job and two from the second job because I lived in two different states while employed there.


If it will help the states I am refering to are New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I lived and worrked in New Jersey with the first and second job. Than I moved to Pennsylvania and continued working at the second job.

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    Hi, I'm Susan, and I work for TurboTax.

    Some states provide a free state e-file website - check your state's official website, usually the two letter abbreviation with the .gov domain name. For example, I live in California so it's ca.gov.

    You likely will have to file multiple returns, and exactly which returns will depend on which states are involved and what their rules are. Generally, when you live in a state for part of the year and have income earned while you lived there, you file a part-year resident return for that income. When you live in one state and have income from a different state, the situation gets more complicated. You may need to file a non-resident return for the state where you earned the income... OR you may need to include that income on your new resident state return - some states have agreements to ensure that income is only taxed once. Without knowing which states are involved it's hard to be more precise.

    Hope this helps a little, at least pointing you at the research you'll need to do next.

    Susan, TurboTax Tax Compliance Service manager

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    Go to your state's official Web site. Most of them have "free file" links.

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  • rtfm
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    1 decade ago

    Check your state's Web page. Most states have free e-filing for some or all residents.

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    It was probably done through the web site of your own state. Some states offer free e-file on their web sites. Nobody else does it for free.

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    FYI " DON'T USE TAX BRAIN " Try using Google to find a Tax Preparer that can assist you!

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