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Can you tell me about italian fashion & designers?

I need some info on all about Italy's fashion & the designers there.

Thanks (:

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    Here there's a lot of information:

    Perhaps the only missing one is that curiously many famous designers, like Armani, Versace, Dolce, Gabbana, and Valentino, are homosexuals.

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    I want to be a fashion designer because its another way to express myself. I love drawing sketches of formal dresses. If I had the money I know this is what I would wear. It makes you aware of your surroundings. Fitting the style of not only you, but also your friends and the new year. Creating patterns. It's so fun. Having my own clothing line would be such an acomplishment. I hope I get at least a dress line out. Someday I want to be watching the oscars and be able to say "Look! Its Kiera Knightly! That's my dress!" It's something you made and its the best being worn by the best! Nothing can be better then knowing that something YOU have created is being worn and "awwed" over by the general poulation. But also, it doesnt really matter what they think, at least you got your foot in the door! I'm gonna be proud of every work of art I create. It's better to be noticed for a bad reason then not notice at all

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