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Is anyone in Seton Homeschool?

Hi im in 10th grade and im in seton homeschool progam right now and started in november. I like it alot and its gets soo lonely after a while though, but i was in a catholic highschool and had lots of friends and everything but then we couldnt afford it anymore so my parents made me go to public school and i was there for three weeks and everybody hated me and my gades were falling deeply bc well im use to like dicipline and there was none at all so i could never get anything done at all or learn anything new and i was also threatend so thts when i decided to go to seaton homeschool im doing great but all my best friends wont talk to me anymore i guess they were mad and soo if there is anyone in 10th grade in seton idk mabey we could like pen pal and stuff. Thanks!!

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    hey i'm home schooled but i'm not in same progmae add me on facebook dee anna and here is my email and here is my othere email btw i'm 13 and n the 7th grade. btw it let post up the link face book but it's dee anna or just tpy in my email i the same pic me with my dog! :)

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    You can take classes or just be physically active on your own. You can spend your time concentrating on one activity, like swimming, or do something different every day. Join your local YMCA and take classes there or just use the facilities to work on what you want. Student memberships are usually very reasonable. Our YMCA allows homeschoolers to use the gymnasium for free on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. We play basketball, volleyball, frisbee tag and any types of games the kids might make up. You can take Zumba classes, play tennis or raquet ball. Go bowling, jogging, power walking or horseback riding. Take a dance class or learn to dance via dvd. Just decide on a physical activity that interests you, learn more about it and practice it. That is P.E.

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