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Military USAA insurance?

My question is if I can get USSA auto insurance since I'm in the DEP (Delayed entry program)?.

If so are they a good insurance provider?

Would I have to pay during basic training, Ait, Airborne school, Rasp?


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  • Mrsjvb
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    10 years ago
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    yes you would be required to pay while in training. i do not know if being in DEP is good enough to qualiofy.. you actually haven't shipped yet and you still might now so I woudl guess that no, you woudl not be eleigibel until after you are in uniform.

    we have excelllent combo insurance( car, home, additional riders for our Art collection) from them.

  • 10 years ago

    As with any insurance company or cell phone company if you send them a copy of your orders putting you on Active Duty (BCT, Scools, Deployment overseas, etc) you can usually get a military hold/suspension put on your account if the vehicle is going to be parked/cell phone not used. Then when you're back and able to use it again just call them and they'll restart payments.

    The account will stay active, and they'll still cover the vehicle for theft or damages, you just won't have to pay them during that time. Just keep in mind if you get into an accident while driving without telling them you're driving again then they can refuse to pay for any of the bills.

    I can personally tell you Sprint/Nextel, Verizon, Dairyland, The Hartford, USAA, Geico, and any Insurance through Harley Davidson will do a hold.


    I've never heard anything bad about USAA, still never used them though. Never had a use to switch companies yet.

  • 10 years ago

    I've been with USAA for 10 years and they are outstanding. Their rates are unbeatable.

    Unfortunately, you don't qualify for membership yet as you are not yet a member of the armed forces in the delayed entry program.

    That being said, from the first day you arrive at training, you will be eligible for membership- and I recommend you join. They offer many great services. You will still have to pay insurance during all of your schooling because, of course, that is the law- any vehicle you own must carry insurance at all times (as long as it's registered) BUT they do have storage insurance rates that are discounted for active duty that will not be driving the vehicle for an extended period.

    Source(s): Former US Marine USAA member
  • 10 years ago

    USAA is the best insurance there is. My car was stolen and they had me in a rental car the same day and got me 50% more than my car was worth. It used to just be for officers and their families, but they recently opened it up to all active military as well. You probably don't qualify yet, since you aren't technically in the military yet. You can go to or call 800-531-8111.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I've had USAA for years and have never had a problem. It's very easy to get ahold of an actual live person that speaks English. They consistently rank towards the top of customer satisfaction surveys.

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    10 years ago

    USAA is the best, not just for insurance but for banking and other services.

    Go to thier website to see if you qualify or call them 800 5318111

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    USAA is very good insurance. Also, as long as your car is registered with plates on it, you will need to keep insurance on it, no matter the ins company.

  • Kathy
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    4 years ago

    USAA has awesome rates, though beware... they don't help much in the case of identity fraud. Friend of mine had to pay $11,000 of the $30,000 stolen through her account because USAA would only cover some.

  • rec
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    10 years ago

    Yes, you can.

    (USAA just updated their membership requirement.... check it out on their website - )

    I have every type of insurance and service that USAA offers and I've had very good and very bad experiences. Lately it has been more bad. But I am sticking it out...

    They do, however, have a very high number of complaints with the BBB and various consumer reporting agencies. You can review each and every complaint by logging on to the individual website and finding the company.

    You always have to pay your insurance premiums.

  • john
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    10 years ago

    Well, since you arent a member of the armed forces until AFTER you graduate, I'd have to say "no". But there may be some exception.

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