Eligible for TPS?? Citizen of another country...Haitian?

I was born in Haiti and came to the US at the age of 6(19 yrs ago) and I've never left the US since then.Since one of my parents is a Canadian citizen,I was automatically qualified for Canadian citizenship as a minor.I believe my citizenship status changed before I even turned one.Since this was involuntary and since my last country of residence is Haiti,do I qualify?? I have never been to Canada.When my father petitioned for me to become a permanent resident of the US,the country of Chargeability was Haiti...My petition got withdrawn b/c I got married before the process was over.I had no idea I wasnt suppose to.Any advice? No mean comments!


Your answer makes no sense.Do you even know what TPS is? I think not.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    What's your question? It seems like you want to get rid of your Canadian citizenship and be just Haitian. If so, WHY? You can always go live in Haiti for a while without getting rid of your Canadian citizenship. Your question makes no sense.

  • Jan
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    10 years ago

    No. You are a citizen of Canada. TPS status is being given to Haitians who are here illegally. That isn't your situation.

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