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Is it an interesting fact that an African American head coach never won a Super Bowl until Super Bowl 41?

in 2007, and now there's a chance that this could be the 3rd in 4 years that an African American Coach wins a Super Bowl title, and I hope it happens.

Just an interesting fact I thought I'd share since it's Black History Month

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    There are some good to great answers here. There are some answers that quickly prove that many who think they are enlightened really aren't.

    No matter. I have the honor of being raised by parents and relatives who made their offspring realize that regardless of who we are and what we look like ... all people are important. We all count as a viable part of this beautiful earth. God created it for all people and most of us understand that even though we often forget it.

    In answer to your question ... I was pleased to watch a Super Bowl where two outstanding head coaches (who just happened to be black) competed for the title of best in the world. I'm speaking of Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith who were the coaches for the Indianapolis Colts and Chicago Bears. I put it down as a simple coincidence and prefer to think of it as a regular game ... not one between two black head coaches but a game between two teams with outstanding players, staffs and team histories.

    Just like Coke and Pepsi ... Two big boys battling for the top spot.

    To those who think that it's a way of trying to be more important than others ... it really isn't.

    The vast majority of holidays in this country are centered around those who aren't black who just happen to be in the majority. That's ok ... I'm not offended ... neither should anyone else be.

    As a people blacks were/are a major part of this country's history though not always in a positive way.

    If a day is created to help bring about a positive way of thinking for people who's past was a part of suffering/degradation (I'm talking about those who's history included slavery and everything that went with it ...) then I'm all for it. It doesn't make us better nor worse than others ... It simply gives us something to look forward to to help improve our outlook on life. Nothing more.

    As far as two black head coaches playing for a title or a black head coach trying to win another title ... look at it this way.

    Fritz Pollard was named the head coach of the Akron Pros in 1922. As far as I know he was the first and only black to coach a pro team. From 1920 until 1932, some 13 Blacks suited up in the NFL.

    ... But after the 1932 season, NFL owners voted to ban Blacks from the NFL. At the time, Joe Lillard ) and Ray Kemp were the only remaining Blacks in the league. In 1946 the league was re-integrated. Woody Strode (#27) and Kenny Washington signed with the L.A. Rams, while Bill Willis and Marion Motley signed with the Cleveland Browns. The four players were the first Blacks to play in the league since 1932 ...

    Yes it is interesting. Yes it is important. But not so important to the exclusion of others. We need to get to a point where we root for the teams we love regardless of who coaches and plays for them. With the right training from both parents and public institutions we can educate ourselves and our youth to realize that we truly are all equal ...

    Source(s): I don't think of myself as African American. I was born in America and I will die in my country ... when it is my time. Seriously ... I've never been there and wouldn't know what to do once I got there .. so no more back to Africa Jokes ... ok??? Cause it ain't happening! (smiling/laughing)
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    Pretty cool stat...but I think Someone on Mike and Mike said it best a few years ago. "We're making progress, when its not a big deal". Like other people said (albeit while complaining) it would be great to have Hispanic coaches, and Russian coaches, but the fact is that those cultures don't play football. If you look at the NFL, its 55% black, 40% white, and like 5% every other race, so its only natural that there would really only be black and white coaches...this wouldn't even be an issue if there weren't racist owners back in the day that wouldn't give these guys a chance...I just hope that sometime soon.. this really won''t be a story.

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    Our society is race-obsessed and very dysfunctional in this area. I was working today with someone who was listening to Rush Limbaugh, who objected to pointing out Tony Dungy And Lovie Smith and the first black coaches thing. It's amazing to me how much this man talks about race when he doesn't think it should ne an issue in things. Yes, it wil be news, but only because it's happening for the first time. If it happens again in the future, it won't be that big of a deal. They don't say every week how many black coaches or quarterbacks are playing in the NFL.

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    I don't think it really matters what ethnic group, religion, age range, or anything the coach is.

    Society has become so caught up on the color of someone's skin, they fail to see the person in that skin. This is prevalent on all sides. White, black, latino, etc.

    The "Facemask on the play" dude; look back at the game Doug Williams had against the Broncos, probably one of the best games a quarterback has EVER had in a Super Bowl. Being black or white has nothing to do with how well a person throws the ball.

    We need to stop this Black History Month, Latino Heritage Day, White whatever; and start American Heritage Day/Month/Week.

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    Yeah - Like Mike Tomlin won last year but not only was he black, he was the youngest coach in history to have won a super bowl.

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    Of course, in the early days of football, there were no black head coaches, so it was difficult for them to lead a team to the Superbowl or anywhere else. You have to consider that when you note that it took until 2007 for this to happen.

    Edit: Justine, actually there is a Hispanic Heritage Month--it is celebrated from Sept. 15th to October 15th. March is Women's History month. Plus, I'm sure you've heard of St. Patrick's Day, which honors the Irish. Columbus Day honors Italian Americans, and Steuben Day is set aside to honor German-Americans. For most of our history, every month was white (male, Christian) American history month.

    Get the chip off your shoulder, OK? You got any other ethnic group that was brought here in chains?

    Edit: Isn't it interesting how questions like this bring the racists out from under their rocks? How can anyone thumbs-down the idea that this is a good thing and a sign of progress?

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    A Latino coach has never won it. When's Latino History Month?

  • I think its an interesting fact, and I think its great. Its easy to say "big deal, why are we always talking about color" when you've never been discriminated against. And if my Saints lose I may be disappointed about that, but I can still seek joy in the fact that another black head coach won. You can't prove yourself, until you've been given a shot.

    Source(s): black football fan
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    I don't really find it interesting. It is what it is. It makes sense since blacks were discriminated against in job hiring for many years. Now, they are not any more. Our society has progressed. The people responsible for segregation and discrimination are no longer in charge. I wish we would stop talking about it and I wish people (not you) would stop trying to make me feel guilty as a white person for something that I had no part in.

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