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Follow up to the rape question yesterday?

There was a discussion yesterday about how we as a society need to do more to end rape.

Smoe feminists say (and I quote): "Something more needs to be done then just telling women all the things she should do. [to protect herself]":;_ylt=AuOfl...

OK, like WHAT? No one has even tried to give a realistic answer to that question..

If we as a society knew what to do to stop rape, or for that matter, any violent crime, then don't you think that we would already be doing it?

Someone suggested that "educating men" might help, but I fail to see what more you can accomplish by educating innocent people that there are violent criminals out there (besides making all of the innocent people feel bad about circumstances that they cannot DO anything about).

BTW, studies have shown that violent criminals target men just as often as women, if the man seems to be an easier target (like being drunk, talking on a cell phone, not being alert in general), so it isn't just a woman's issue. Educating potential victims on how to avoid crime seems to help more than beging criminals not to commit crimes.

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    While it is a large goal, the number one thing that would help is a real social recognition of the equality of women.

    More than one rapist has been motivated by anger at women not "knowing their place." They rape to show dominance, to humiliate, dehumanize, and disempower, to invade the most intimate space a person has and show that the person cannot protect herself.

    Less dramatically, lots of men have actually committed date rape without ever realizing that they've raped someone, because they feel entitled to sex from someone they think of mainly as an ambulatory vagina.

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    How about studying the root cause of the problem rather than reacted retroactively? Where are these rapists coming from? What ideals do they have? What past occurences have led him, and to a lesser extent her, to be the way he is? Was he ignored or belittled by women in school (Every grade has a few unpopular kids who get made fun of repeatedly)? It's a social problem. As long as we don't address it as such, there really is no "cure" for rape.

    Educating women helps to some extent when it comes to protecting themselves. Educating men helps even less in helping them avoid sticking situations. Neither are really that effective.

    And harsher laws have very little effect as rape is often a crime of passion or spur of the moment. I'm hard pressed to remember many cases where the aggressor planned a rape out days ahead.

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    Educating the innocent means they will be able to help others.

    There is no one answer to your question. There are many reasons why rape happens, and it depends also on what part of the world he's in. It is a women's issue because, as well documented evidence shows , women and children are the most frequently targeted. There's no arguing that. If you protect women you protect the child and family in her care.Those children and family members are also males.

    Feminists teach women it's not always good to be a polite quiet little lady, and that not only is it ok to be strong and defend yourself, but how to do it.

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    I think I have to agree with dark eyes that rape isn't about sex.It's all about feeling dominant and that leads to a superior complex,so I think the problem actually doesn't lie to education but to the way someone is raised.Most of those people have psychological problems in fact and the ones who are really to blame is the people who are close to them,cause they usually while they notice there's something wrong with the person they won't help him or do anything about it.Same happens with murderers.

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    call the police and clarify what befell, tell your moms and dads to boot. in case you are able to keep in concepts this mans face then the police should be able to get a good description, making an arrest conceivable and a lot less complicated so he can't dedicate a foul crime like this back. it fairly is needed that you tell your moms and dads what befell so that you'll get the pro help you want to get over this negative journey. i fairly am sorry that someone would attempt to attempt this to you.

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    Talk about a loaded question.

    There is nothing we can do to prevent it besides helping women know how to protect themselves. Rapists don't walk around with a big red sign saying "I'm going to rape someone!" We can't tell them apart from everyone else. There's no way to detect and prevent them. All we can do is make sure we're careful.

    >How about educating the aggressor for a change and not lay the blame on the victim? Why not tell men "

    Now stop right there for a sec. Men? Most men aren't rapists. Treating all men as if they are potential rapists is disgusting and wrong, just as bad as blaming the victim for the rape.

    >"hey, you go to parties and get drunk, there's a chance you're gonna do something aggressive to someone else and there's a high probability that person will be female".

    What a load of manure this is. For most men THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN because most men aren't violent, aggressive animals. Telling all men that they have the potential to do this is sexist in the extreme.

    >Most men don't rape, but most men do perpetuate, defend, and participate in these machinations of male supremacy, without which rape would be rare, if it existed at all.

    Oh really? Enlighten us - tell us how most men are male supremacists. I'm assuming the author of this has met all men and therefore knows this to be true....there's no way she's put forth her sexist assumptions as fact. I hope.

    >Most men don't rape, yet they see to it that the sexual objectification of women remains ubiquitous; that rape is trivialized, romanticized, promoted through movies, TV, music, hate-radio, news media, academia, and publishing houses. They see to it that men who rape have little to fear, and that false rape accusations seem to overshadow rape as a social problem.

    And this is manure too. Most men do NOT think rape is trivial or romantic or something to promote. Furthermore, men are not responsible for women who choose to objectify themselves.

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    Educating men not to rape will not prevent all rapes. Rapist rape for various reasons. Some rapist rape because they find it amusing to humiliate and abuse a women. While other rapist rape to expresses their dominance over a woman.

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    Something more should be done like examining the reasons behind these crimes and the perpetrators' behaviour, you can't just write it off by saying "there are violent criminals out there", more examination can help.

    Obviously preventative stuff helps too

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    First of all, people have got to realize that rape is NOT about sex, or how a woman dresses, or where she is at night...!

    A man in my area forced himself into a 67 year old woman's house, claiming to be a police officer... IN HER HOME [supposedly the safest place a person can be], and supposedly one of the "trustworthiest" type people there are...pulled a gun, and beat and raped her...

    THAT had nothing, whatsoever, to do with this woman being drunk, provocative, or anything, the guy was [apparently] in his late 20s, early 30s...

    EDIT: @ Mike... People have been getting raped since their were people on this planet... There is no "cure" for the crime, and only some preventative measures one can do... There is no guarantee that a person will be safe.

    For someone that has me blocked... You sure do like to communicate with me O.o

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    I agree...people have to think ahead and protect themselves. I mean no one wants to walk around expecting an attack at any moment but there are alot of simple ways to guard yourself against the vast majority of violent crimes.

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