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    Hong Kong’s economy relies mainly on the agriculture and fishing from the ancient to the mid-Ching Dynastry. Hong Kong was pretty self-sufficient during that time. This situation had been changed after the taking over by England on the year 1842.

    Leading trade era

    England had an interest of the Victoria Harbor which is an excellent natural harbor. Hence they announced that the harbor as a “Free trade port.” From that time on, the trade transactions between China and Europe were gathered in Hong Kong . The English

    Businessman established warehouses and ports in Hong Kong , and also launched trading companies, banks, and all of the relevant organizations. Many Chinese entrepreneurs follow suit by launching the relevant industries like the moving company and transportation company.

    Part of the Chinese entrepreneurs came to Hong Kong to establish business. As the Suez Canal started their transportation channels in 1896, then it shortened the voyage between Europe and Hong Kong to a large extent. This made the trade transition more prospering.

    Regarding the industrial development Hong Kong had to depended on “Ship building industry” in the 19th Century. They had shipyards located in Hung Hom and Aberdeen . The industry of Hong Kong had new developments at the beginning of 20th Century. Since the European industry production had been affected by the World War I, a lot of the factories had been decreasing especially for those which located in the Kowloon District.

    Manufacturing era

    The economy of Hong Kong was almost paralyzed in the era under the control of the Japanese. However, Hong Kong ’s industry had been recovered quickly afterwards. But with the Korean War in the year 1950, the United Nations announced to China that an embargo will be implemented. As a result, Hong Kong was unable to maintain its economy and many resources have to be self-sufficient.

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    During that timeframe, many people escaped from the Mainland China were industrialists with a certain amount of assets. Furthermore, other refugees could be hired at a cheaper price. The aforementioned factors contributed to the efficient development of Hong Kong’s industry.

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    Hong Kong had been changed from possessing transfer ports into an industrial city. The relevant industries like ship building, transportation industry, and finance industry achieved great developments during that period.

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    Finance Industry Era

    In the 1970s, Taiwan, Singapore, and Korea had developed their industries tremendously which caused direct competition with the real estate industry. The manufacturing industry lost its monopoly power since then.

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    In the late 1970s, the protection doctrine from European and America blossomed coupled with the open-up policy of the Mainland China were a tremendous blow/(had negative influences) to the Hong Kong Industry.

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    Because of the above reasons, the economy of Hong Kong will evolute to another transition – transformed from a heavy industry city into an International Finance Center.

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    From ancient times up till the middle of the Qing Dynasty, Hong Kong's economy is mainly dependent on agriculture, fishing and other primary industry, in the limited natural resources, the largely self-sufficient. This case to go to British occupation of Hong Kong in 1842 began to have changed.

    Dominant period of re -

    British fancy depth of the Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong in width, is a natural harbor, they quickly declare Hong Kong as a free port between China and Europe from the goods and capital began to gather in Hong Kong. British merchants not only in Hong Kong, the construction of warehouses and piers and other port facilities, but also opened Matheson and banking trade matching. Many Chinese are also engaged in handling and transportation, such as trade-related business, and some Chinese businessmen also came to Hong Kong to set north-south line of business. With the 1896 Suez Canal navigation, greatly shorten the journey between Europe to Hong Kong so that Hong Kong's re-exports more prosperous.


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    n industry, the 19th century Hong Kong rely mainly on the shipbuilding industry, in Hung Hom and Aberdeen and other places are equipped with dock. To the early 20th century, the Hong Kong industry has also begun to

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    develop. As the industrial production in Europe after World War I affected to make Hong Kong more than a lot of factories to the Kowloon area for multi.

    Manufacturing lead time

    Hong Kong during the Japanese

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    occupation, the Hong Kong economy is almost paralyzed. In Hong Kong, Chung-kwong, Hong Kong's economy soon to recover quickly. But with the outbreak of the Korean War in 1950, the United Nations declared the embargo to the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong can no longer rely on support Hong Kong as

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    an entrepot economy, a lot of goods also need to become self-sufficient. Coincides with that time, many people who fled the Chinese mainland are industrialists have a certain capital, coupled with other refugees as

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    cheap labor, so that Hong Kong's industrial development began to develop rapidly. Hong Kong re-exports of Hong Kong from its transformation into a light industrial city. Associated shipbuilding, shipping industry and the financial sector have been developed in this period.

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    Dominant period of the financial industry

    Hong Kong real estate economy-oriented era in the 1970s, Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea and other places to develop industry and pose a direct competition to Hong Kong, Hong Kong manufacturers began to

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    lose the status of endeavor. In the late 1970s, Europe and the United States and other places protectionism, coupled with reform and opening up the Chinese mainland are Hong Kong industries such effect. Therefore, since the

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    1980s, the Hong Kong economy is facing once again the transformation evolved from an industrial city into an international financial center.

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