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What did the Iranian leader mean when he said "Iran will deliver telling blow to global powers on Feb. 11"?


Nuclear attack on Israel


Castration of Obama by Jessie Jackson


Barney Frank is sent to Iran to get first hand (or should I say first knee) accounts of it "blow by blow"


Reverend Wright's chickens roost on the minarets of Iran's main mosque

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    Who cares what they mean?

    To me, those words are more than sufficient cause to send in the fighter jets.

    Should we wait till after Feb. 11 to find out what they mean? By then, thousands of innocent people in Jerusalem or somewhere might be dead. Let's not take the chance.


  • Anonymous
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    They're finally going to bow down to the western world, and suck David Rockefeller's dick, that'll be a nice blow... Hopefully they'll be the next country the IMF can give money to, and then drop on their face... They're probably already funding Iran though.. Iran in a political and economic sense is like a drop in the bucket, and they could easily be starved off, or irradiated, or biologically wiped out. Saying that country poses a threat to the world is like saying Luxembourg is going to invade the entire world, because their GDP is about the same.... okay maybe not, but compared to size, ugh no comparison. There is no wealth there. A CIA sniper could be sent in a blow that guys head off, but that isn't what they want, they want the American public to think there is a threat. Make Monsanto take over their crops... They'll starve in a matter of 6 months... the cost of round up alone would drain their coffers.

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    Could be all the above or it could mean that Iran, Russia and China have teamed up against the USA, and if this happens, we are in big trouble. Obama lifted China off the high Nationa Security Risk List, after a deal was made with Tiawan to sell Tiawan arms and all sort of defense weapons and now China is very pis*ed at the USA. What we need is for some one to shake Obama until his brains get back in a normal position, if he has any, cause this guy is going get a lot of us killed. I know Iran likes to push Isreal's buttons too, and I think Isreal will take out Iran very quickly if Iran trys something deadly like a missle or bomb etc. But, it is Obama's place to stamp them out or slap them back down, he is the Commander in Chief and that is his main job. But we have a problem, Obama is spineless.

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    possibly E) they'll test detonate a quarter-kiloton atomic weapon the size of a house out in the desert somewhere.

    building an atomic bomb is easy. all you need to do is smash together two pieces of fissionable material that are both large enough and pure enough to sustain a chain reaction. making it small enough to deliver to an enemy target via airplane or missile?

    now THERE'S the problem.

    most likely F) nothing will happen. ach-nut-demigod has a reputation for rattling his sabre and laughing at how nervous the west gets. it's something he does when he gets bored suppressing demonstrations against his rule.

    your attempt at obama-bashing humor is sadly lacking today. and don't you just LOVE how the folks who are criticizing obama for selling weapons to taiwan are the same people who criticized him for kissing red china's @$$?

    he really can't do anything right according to you people, can he? no matter which decision he makes, you'll say it was the wrong one.

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  • Anonymous
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    Sounds like they're still trying to provoke a conflict so they can scare their people into supporting their government again instead of the slide into revolution they have going on right now.

    Kind of sad how easy it is to scare people.

    Iranians are more like Americans than people know.

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    Same thing happened during the Cold War and Russia had thousands of nukes.

    It's all talk and propaganda that Neoconservatives are mongering around to spread this war further.

    If they are such a threat let Israel deal with them, they aren't in debt by the trillions like we are -- we can't afford anymore wars.

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    Ah the world sucks anyway. Might as well light this candle and get the party started.

    If nothing else it will alleviate the boredom.

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    lol, good answer, Lady Wildcat! I was sitting there trying to choose but thinking seriously what he said gave me chills. She's right -- why let them surprise us? It's a threat. Lady Wildcat for President. I think we need some women to get the Western World back in shape.

  • Bethy
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    E. Useless rhetoric from a man who knows that Obama isnt going to do ANYTHING to stop their nation from doing almost anything it wants

  • Probably, he has the bomb, Iran is now a nuclear power.

    Frank would be stoned to death.

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