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How ironic is it for Kobe to pass West on the All-Time points list.....?

Facing Jerry West's current team, Memphis Grizzlies?

BQ: Who was a better player for the Lakers, Kobe(25ppg) or West(27ppg)?

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  • Ron-D
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    10 years ago
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    not many players have played for the Lakers as long as Kobe has

    Kobe is the best modern day scorer period, but compared to the old generation, Kareem, Wilt, West and Baylor were better scorer, but nobody played as many games for LAL as Kobe

    no matter what anybody says about the Logo West, or 81 Kobe, Magic Johnson remains as the poster player for the Lakers

    BQ: Im pretty sure Kobe is better

    BTW: Kobe has a chance to surpass MJ on the all time scoring list, but then of course MJ did not play that many games

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I feel happy for him, but I feel sad that they couldnt get the road win and give Phil his all time win leader coaching Lakers.

    Instead of 6-2 on road they finish 5-3, I dunno but im really dissapointed in todays loss, and still disappointed after just coming home

    BQ: I would say Kobe because 2 reasons:

    1. I never seen West play before but I know he was clutch and was an important role in the Lakers team in the past.

    2. Kobe still has about 5 years left so he will finish at more with the Lakers.


    Sorry got side tracked from the first guy, that's just an inside joke. Anyways, it's quite ironic. I'd say Kobe is the better Laker because he won 4 rings vs Wests 1, but West is more iconic. BTW Varoom, defenses are nowhere near as physical today as they were in the past.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Phil Jackson and Kobe in the locker room...

    Phil: Kobe, you know I don't care about your scoring milestones, right?

    Kobe: Yeah, yeah... we should have won... teams are more important than individual stuff.

    Phil: Well um... yeah but I was going to be the winningest laker coach anyway.

    LOL JK. Congrats Kobe!

    BQ: I don't know West very good, but i think Kobe is better. He is in the 'all time greats' talk now.

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  • I guess it is

    West was a great player and scorer to compare the 2 is to hard.I know alot of people will say Kobe cause honestly i donk think they have ever seen West play

  • 10 years ago

    it is ironic. and you know what makes it mor amazing?

    kobe's 31. haha. wow. he has like what 5+ years? left in him.

    that will definitely get him far.

    who..s better? kobe any day.

    remember jerry west played a long time ago. against whites. teh game was a lot easier.

    now a days theres a lot better teams and defenders.

  • Vader
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    10 years ago

    It seems like fate. But I think Jerry West was grinning in his mind after they won over the Lakers.

    BQ: Well in my opinion, it's Kobe.

  • 10 years ago

    Jerry West was better. Kobe averaged 25points 5.3rebounds 4.6assists West averaged 27points 5.8rebounds 6.7assists. You have to give it to the logo.

  • haha, its quite funny how memphis won though? its like west said to them if hes going to take my record its going to come at a price, i dont know west played in a completely different era, but being the leagues logo has to mean something

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    yea it is pretty funny...good for kobe...great accomplishment! im sure he would have wanted a win though lol

    BQ: kobe...but i still think magic and wilt are the 2 best lakers ever...kobe is a close 3rd..then west

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