How do movie critics rate movies?

Did these movie critics get a BS from the University of Dale Blackburn? Is it the new "Black" to give bad movie reviews? Or perhaps these fandango movie critics think they will get their fame by trying to be like Simon Cowell from American Idol? The movies that flood the theaters can give a clear picture of what the movie will be like by the Directors, Producers, and staring actors. Some of the critics say absolutely nothing about how the movie is and just give another synopsis of the movie - can I say redundant? We have movies being made with million dollar budgets, and dime store critics... How are these people qualified to critique these movies?


To comments below: thanks for the tip on and if no one relies on critics why are they there? how many people do see movies or not see them because of their opinions? I think fandango should get rid of them all together.

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    A long time ago, in a Chicago far, far away, there were two film critics that had a show together called "Siskel & Ebert at the Movies." They were both critics for Chicago newspapers, and every week they'd pick 2-4 movies to review.

    They were both pretty good at giving reasons why they liked or disliked films, although they rarely agreed. Siskel was an intellectual type who liked movies with deep meanings and classic themes, while Ebert liked good story-telling and good characters. Then, they'd give the film a 'thumbs up' or 'thumbs down' just as we do here.

    If you found a movie that said "Two Thumbs Up!" it was usually a pretty good movie, but, if it said "Thumbs Up - Siskel" then we'd stay away from it. He said that "Butch Cassidy..." was a lame western that was just a bunch of "I Spy" sketches set out west!

    Gene Siskel died some years back, but before he did, he began to give away endings to movies! I think that he may have had some medical problems with his brain, as he died of brain cancer. What a shame. Ebert is still on somewhere, I guess, though I don't know who is partner is anymore.

    Today, I find that Christopher Lloyd, not the actor from "Taxi," but the film critic often has a good review, and that when he says a movie is good, then I usually like it. I like his reviews better then "Fandango," "Rottentomatoes," or even "Netflix" as most of those are peer written.

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    While I agree that many movie critics are arrogant losers who either think they know it all or just follow what some more authoritative critic already said about the film, I think it's absolutely essential to have them. I mean, if you're a film freak, you literally can't follow all the new stuff that's coming out cause there's so many, so one way or another it's good to have some advice. I personally have found few blogs where people have similar taste to mine and they're really helping me a lot.

    Also, critics are pretty much the only people that can give more or less unbiased opinion about the films, if we'd only follow the hype and income, 'Twilight' would be named best movie of the decade, lol.

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    I don't rely on the movie critics. They gave Tommy Boy one star and I thought that movie was hilarious.

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    Unfortunately all you need to rate movies these days is an opinion and an internet connection. To separate the wheat from the chaff just stick to trusted websites/reviewers. Rotten Tomatoes is one I can recommend.

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    Yes I agree with what's been answered

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    its just their opinions and likes and dislikes...they look for good acting, writing, continuity of story-line, whatever can be judged, they will judge...but its just an opinion....they do go to school for journalism degrees, so they try to be as objective as possible and give you the facts about the movie, but their opinion is what they get paid to create and share

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    dude calm down

    we need critics they go to the premire beforethe movie comes out

    we need to know whats good and whats crap.

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    It's all about money!!

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    Yes it might be true

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