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When the main character/narrator is thinking?

do you need to put any quotation marks or anything?

what if there is dialog and the character is thinking while they're talking?

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    It depends on if you are using first person or third. If it is first person, then we know its them thinking it because they are thinking the whole book, but if it's third person you need to make it clear to the reader that they are in the protagonist's mind. Some writers use italics. Some use quotation marks. If you get the book far enough along that an agent or editor is looking at it, they will tell you if they prefer one over the other.

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    make the thoughts go in a certain order like following along with the dialog

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    it all depends on what point of view the story is being written. if it is first person, no quotation marks are necessary, but if it is in third person, or variations of such, there are quotations needed.

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    I believe it varies. Sometimes writers will italicize, others will put it in quotes and use the tag to let you know it's a thought, and sometimes they will just leave it un-formatted...especially when writing in first-person. I assume there is a publishing standard, but I'm not sure what it is now.

    Good luck! :)

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