Death of a high school loner?

I know this question is very unusual but it's been on my mind for awhile, how would a high school handle the death of a student with little or no friends? This question came to me after reading about students who have died and the way the school and the students handled the situation how the students would build makeshift memorials and some schools would even pay for a memorial usually in the form of a plaque built on the school and I began to notice how all of these students seem to have many friends and were in most cases well liked. So what would a school do in the aftermath of the death of a student who was for the lack of a better word a loner?


And by loner I don't mean ant-social psycho jerk but the quiet shy student who just doesn't seem to make friends.

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    Any deceit school will miss any student. Even those who have to leave because of disciplinary action. Most school staff are there because they care, not the dollars. Sure, the "popular" students may receive a lot of flowers or memorials. But the loner? I'm more concerned about how they are treated. Students can be cruel. Social skills and how to treat others with respect seems not to be in the ABCs, 123s. Remember this, some people "bloom" in high school and that's it. The number of "friends" people keep after high school is minimual.

    A school would miss the loner, and basically question what they could do to ensure a more healthy atmosphere for all students.

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    I think... that people would probably do the same for someone who was a loner that they would do for someone who had lots of friends. I think at that point, it doesn't really matter if the person was your friend or not. You should still mourn for them. And I think generally, people do.

    This reminds me of Nineteen Minutes by Jodie Picoult... sad book :( So good, though. You should read it. Sorry, that was random.

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