Let's revisit ALL the people who placed Conan O'Brien ahead of Jay Leno?

It upset me the many times people said how much they liked Conan better than Jay. I sure am glad I have my moral values and most people sided with me... To have only lasted this short time, if I were those people..... Wake up, smell the coffee, get a life!!!

Here is a Poll done locally where I live.


SO to ask my question: "What do you think of the Tonight Show change, this time?"

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  • Ryan
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    1 decade ago
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    Jay Leno does nothing funny. He reads headlines out of newspapers (something funny that he had NO part of other than reading), his monologues are written for him, his voice is annoying, did i mention that he isn't funny. He never tries anything new.

    Conan got a raw deal. The Tonight Show is an institution...from Jack Parr then to Johnny Carson w/Ed Mcmahon...they'd always try to be inventive with the show to keep it from getting stale. Conan tried this but they weren't willing to give him the time to get his bearing and make the show his own. Conan was and is a comic genius. All Jay can come up with is witty bits called "Jay walking" which consists of Jay...walking. Wow.

    As for the poll, it always depends on the demographic polled. They probably went into a retirement home...those old timers love Leno because thats how comedy USED to be...plus, it puts them to sleep :)

    In conclusion, Conan > Leno. Nuff Said.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'm with COCO

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