How should Ford Motor Company increase production?

Economics suck and I'm worthless when it comes to cars. Pretend you were CEO of Ford. What would you do to ensure the safety of your company? How would you guide this company through this turbulent economic time?

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    Interesting question, couldn't pass this one up. I agree with the previous response, Ford is navigating the rough waters of a down economy admirably well. Car manufacturing production is somewhat of an art when the science of certainty fails. Production increase must occur with the understanding that the market has been prepped for more and better product. It may be a slim section of the market, like turbo diesel powered compact cars, built on a sporty frame, designed with a muscular stance, stout shoulders and a mean snarl from the exhaust.

    The market helps demand. If I were CEO I would watch the closely the "economic weather" and adjust accordingly. For instance, this is not the right environment to build a record number of Ford F150 pick up trucks, no matter how long it has been the best selling truck in America. I would target certain buyers appealing to today's lifestyle, make my vehicle(s) certain in uncertain times. A solution to transportation instead of a luxury. I think now is as good of time as any to generate a internet campaign for Ford. Let the buying public know Ford is still majority family owned making this fact as relevant to a personal touch as possible.

    Perhaps, a campaign that puts face(s) of the Ford family to Ford product then connect to my family, our family. "Introducing the Ford Fiesta, when groceries, children, pets and you, all need to get to the store, school and the vet your Fiesta will get you there. At Ford for every 35 miles 1 gallon of gas has been handled with care, measured, even analyzed to make sure your family arrives efficiently and safely per 14.5 gallon tank hundreds of miles at a time." In these trying times, if it doesn't make sense it can't be a Ford. Ford. Have you driven a Ford lately?

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    10 years ago

    You don't just increase production, it has to match demand or you end up with cars sitting on dealers' lots not being sold. That's how GM and Chrysler got into so much trouble. You have to increase demand, then raise production levels. I think the CEO of Ford is doing just fine doing what he's doing.

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