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i need a name for a fairy for a fairy. Please?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Lily, Anora, Flora, Fauna, Rosaine, Daisy, Fione, Viole, Selene, Oraine, Wione, Iona, Filly, Delva, Ellis, Wyrvah, Lumya, Lumia, Reni, Renny, Vaile, Vayle, Foraine, Fyrah, Rain, Dayne...

    I have an endless list. For more names, contact me.

    Source(s): My Imagination
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Lily, and maybe Rose. Since fairies are considered close to nature, why not name them after foliage or maybe the weather? Try Snow, Rain, Summer (yes, I know that is a month). This name isn't too good, but how about Oak?

    Good luck and have fun!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Binker Tell

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Faeries are just magical people, so any human name will go.

    Source(s): The Leprechaun school of thought.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Here's some names and types of fey:

    Alven - a water faerie

    Ankou - an Irish 'death faerie'

    Asparas - Fig faerie

    Bean Fionn - a water faerie who was thought to drown children

    Beansidhe - female faerie known for her death wail

    Bean Tighe - faerie housekeeper with the appearance of an old woman

    Bocan - type of hobgoblin blames for road attacks in the 19th century

    Boggart - type of wood-eating dwarf faerie

    Brownie - friendly house faerie

    Bunyips - swamp faeries

    Bwbacks - house faeries

    Bwciod - fire goblins

    Callicantzaroi - trooping faerie

    Caryatids - but tree faeries

    Churichaun - leprechaun type faerie, most usually found around alcohol stores

    Devas - commonly-seen glowing balls of light (orbs), nature spirits

    Djnn - faerie of the lamp (genie) of Middle Eastern origin

    Dracs - water-floating faeries sometimes seen as human females

    Drakes - best known for their foul-smelling odour

    Dryads - every tree or bush is said to have its own dryad or spirit

    Duergarr - troll-type faerie

    Dwarf - small people with shrivelled faces who work with metals and magical jewellery

    Ellyllons - lake faeries who ride on eggshells, of Welsh origin

    Elves - live both inside and outside, found in many nursery rhymes and fairytales, often disguised as mice, responsible for the care of deer, amongst other things. Scandinavian/ Saxon origin. They dwell also in Britain and are a magical race of people

    Fachans - ugly and unfriendly faeries

    Faishee (Fair Sidhe) - known as the fairymen of the hill. Fairshee are tall in faerie terms and visit humans in their sleep. Althought they are shapeshifters, they appear regularly as handsome males with great desire for human females..

    Fenshee - related to Fairshee, particularly good at playing music

    Fetch - faerie double or 'co-walker' - your human likeness to faerie form. (like doppelganger)

    Fir Darrigs - fat and dangerous faeries

    Fire fay - tiny little red fire faeries, relatives of salamanders, have human-like appearance and can be found around all fire sources

    Flower faeries/ Flower fay - each flower is said to have its own faerie guardian (fictional faeries, as opposed to the true flower fay, the devas

    Folletti - tiny fey with unusual backward-facing feet

    Formorians - sea monsters

    Fylgiar - faerie companions, who frighteningly announce an individual's death

    Gancanagh - pipe-smoking Irish faerie

    Gandharvas - musical, underground faeries

    Gans - Native Americans called these Apaches, mountain spirits

    Geancanach - characterised by their large eyes and ears and usually found around the hearth

    Ghillie Dhu - Scottish tree spirits

    Gitto - farmers beware this pesky faerie likes to mess with crops

    Glashtin - storm faerie

    Glaistig - part human female, part animal, particularly interested in the human male (not in a good way). Blood-sucking faerie, considered very dangerous

    Gnomes - Earth faeries

    Goblin - malevolent and mischievous , general term given to evil fey

    Golem - faerie with human-type appearance and robotic-like reactions

    The Green Man - also known as a pagan god, face created in leaves and branches and his role is that of father of all living creatures

    Gremlin - sometimes called sky boogies and seen flying alongside aeroplane wings, usually cause damage to aircraft

    Gruagach - female cattle guardians who enjoy human contact

    Gwragedd Annwn - dancing water faeries with childlike appearances

    Gwyllions - Welsh mountain faeries who love gold teeth and earrings

    Hamadryadniks - tree spirits

    Hearth fey - relatives of house brownies, also have a lot in common with salamanders, usually found around home fire or cooker

    Hobgoblins - generic term for evil faeries, lazy trouble-makers, it is said that they love the humans they play tricks on

    Huldrafolk - mountain-dwellers, thought to be dangerous to humans

    Hyldermoder - Scandinavian tree faeries

    Ieles - cat-like blood-sucking fey

    Imp - invisible but great friends of witches, you can catch an imp in a bottle sealed with a cork where it is said to live quite happily. Harmless but like fancy clothes.

    Jack Frost - faerie of ice/ snow and the Snow Queen's magical consort

    Jimaniños - prank-playing, trooping faeries with childlike appearance

    Kelpies - bad-tempered water faeries, thought to be dangerous to humans and animals, take on appearance of horses riding the waves

    Knockers - Cornish faeries, live underground, famously in mines, and warn miners of underground danger by making knocking noises

    Kolbald - pipe-smoking dwarf, sometimes blamed for poltergeist activity

    Leprechauns - male faeries of Irish origin, shoemakers of legend and fairytale

    Lesidhe - live deep amongst the woodland trees and plants, they like to disguise themselves amongst the greenery

    Lob - goblin attracted to negative human emotions

    Lorelei - blamed for luring sailors to their deaths on the rocks below cliff-tops where she sits and sings

    Lumantisidhe - blackthorn-tree guardian and moon-worshipping faerie

    Lutins - shapeshifting faerie

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