can you have rheumatoid arthritis without it showing up in blood work?

I have rheumatoid arthritis like symptoms, but have a lot of blood work and nothing shows up. Is it possible it not be in the blood. It hasn't been a year yet, it started about June or July sometime around there. I am 14 if that means anything. I have also been diagnosed with fabry disease, both clinically and genetically.

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    In short yes.

    Arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis, is difficult to diagnose, because there is not a single test that works for everyone. There are also a number of other conditions and factors that can explain differences in blood test results, so even if you show a high C-Reactive Protein Levels, for example, this doesn't necessarily mean you have arthritis.

    Since there is no single test, doctors usually preform a number of different tests, as well as looking at the symptoms of the patient. In many cases, it also isn't that they are testing for arthritis specifically, but rather that they are testing for other similar conditions to rule them out.

    As far as your age goes, people of all ages can develop arthritis, but it is more common among the elderly. However, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis does occur.

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    Yes, you can have Rheumatoid Arthritis without it showing up in blood.

    Rheumatoid factor is an autoantibody relevant in rheumatoid arthritis. About 80% of people with rheumatoid arthritis have detectable rheumatoid factor, in their blood samples.

    Those who do not are said to be "SERONEGATIVE". you could be one of the 20%.

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    I know you want answers immediately, but sometimes that is not possible. Making a diagnosis of any auto-immune disorder is usually not black and white. Your test results indicate that yes, something is going on, but the definitive diagnosis is made by looking at the big picture over a period of time. Please be patient and keep a journal of your symptoms, including fevers, pain location and how long it lasts, and if the pain 'moves around' , also if the pain is bilateral (both elbows or hips or hands). Tell your doctor EVERYTHING that seems unusual. It may help fill in pieces of the puzzle. Like hair loss, forgetfulness, fatigue, rashes, mouth ulcers, etc anything that is different. It;s better to share too much with him or her than not to leave out important details. Be patient and keep your appointment this week. Take someone with you to help you listen and take notes. Its sooooo hard to remember all they tell you in that short office visit. Good Luck. I mean it.....

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    It took me years before my blood test showed positive for RF factor. However, the first time my rheumy checked Anti-CCP, it came back positive. Anti-CCP he told me was more specific for RA and that this test should have been done first.

    Talk with your rhuemy about alternative testing and for supportive meds in the interim. There are many other diseases that mimic RA and do not have the same treatment. So don’t stick to RA in your head, look for alternative with your dr. If your dr is not taking your feedback seriously, fire him and look for a second opinion. Most of all, do not hide any symptoms from your parents and write down how you feel when you have a symptom and anything different you might have done to prompt it.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): RA for 3 years, Churg Strauss Syndrome (systemic vasculitis) for 5 years which means I live in my rheumatologist office:)
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    yeah..i hav it...u may hav it 2....m 20 yr strtd at 17...initially it shwd negativ in ma blood reports...dis conditin is cald seronegative...later on over a period of tym,it came its a damn painful disease..plz tak care of urslf b4 it gts far as fabry disease is concernd i hav no clue wt it is

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    See differential diagnosis section:

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