How much on an average is a brake job at Midas?

I have an f 150 pick up 4x4 I just want brake pads on the front. ??$$$??

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    $79.95 as long as you don't need any new parts or new rotors.

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    Midas Brakes

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    Did you know that the best way to get an answer for this might be to check the Midas site?

    Try the link and maybe you can find out there.

    No, I don't work for midas.

    Because I can get disks for 38 dollars each, and pads for 70 dollars a set. Which means that unless the calipers are bad, I can do the job myself for about 144 dollars in parts. It would take less then an hour. So why should I pay some one to put pads on for 150 dollars when I can have new disks and pads for that price?

    Don't be surprised if the price quoted by Midas goes up once the car is on the lift and taken apart. Be prepared for the line "We can not let you drive an unsafe vehicle out of here!".

    Call around, you may find a lower price in town.

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    How much on an average is a brake job at Midas?

    I have an f 150 pick up 4x4 I just want brake pads on the front. ??$$$??

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    That depends upon what needs to be replaced and the year and GVW of the Tahoe. If the rotors are serviceable, a decent brake job should cost about $175 for a "floating rotor" system. This should include the cost of pads, machining the rotors on a brake lathe, and all the labor. Better quality brake pads may up that price, but don't compromise on the quality of the job...You won't be happy with the results or the durability. If the rotors need replacement, you should only be paying for the additional parts (no extra labor for their installation). Bottom line is: you get what you pay for.

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    If you read a whole lot of reviews of brake jobs at Midas, the rate seems to run from $300-$600, which is pretty expensive. They do gouge on parts and labor ($117 for $40 rotors), and charged me $443 for front rotors & pads. The up side is that they get it done quickly.

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    I once applied for a job at Midas. They said they only pay the mechanic 4% of the whole job. Compare that to the Mech. getting 40 to 50 % percent of just the labor. I says " How can I make a living @ 4%? Answer---" I like to put rotors and calipers on every job, needed or not, look at these tickets!" I must sleep at night, so I bid farewell. Do not use them! Ask your friends and family for a good independent shop, look for ASE logo.

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    I am paying $220.00 for a front end brake job right now. I am sure because I am a woman I am being fleeced. I hate it that I cannot get a price before I decide, and if I do get a price, then after they start the work there is always something more that needs to be taken care of. Makes me sick. This was supposed to be a reputable mechanic also...Yeah.

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    a complete brake job on a 2011 versa rotors and pads front and drums on back

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    my local one charges 149$$

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