Is my laptop salvageable?

It's an HP Windows XP 2005 Edition. Every time I turn it on, these tiny vertical and horizontal stripes fill up the entire screen, and I can't move the mouse, and have to hold down the power button to turn it off. It doesn't start like this, but after a few minutes this always happens, before I can open anything on my desktop. No water damage as far as I know. Do you have any suggestions of how to fix it? Do you think it's time to get a new laptop? If so, what's you're reccomendation?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It sounds like your laptop's monitor is probably on the way out. If you are an adventurous Do-It-Yourselfer consider ordering replacement screen and fixing it yourself. Find your HP model number and type that into Google with "replace LCD or screen". Example: "HP Pavilion dv6t replace screen." You'll find a variety of articles that show you how to replace your laptop's LCD screen. Be sure to look at a number of articles. If it looks relatively easy than go for it; if it looks complicated than don't bother.

    If you think replacing the screen is do-able than order a replacement off Ebay. Type your laptop model number and "LCD" or "screen" (Example: "HP Pavilion dv6t LCD") and order yourself a replacement.

    Jeremy Ashburn - Laptop & Desktop recommendations

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