AP Calculus or AP Statistics?

I want to go into pharmacy if that matters, i am not sure which to take, but i am def taking one..which one do you guys think? and why:?

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  • 10 years ago
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    AP Calc AB is easier in my opinion, and it is more interesting and fun.

    I would take AP Calc AB over AP Stat any day.

    Now if your talking about skipping AP Calc AB and going straight into BC.

    Well that will be a little bit more difficult in which case AP Stats is probably easier than Calc BC.

    I would take AP Calc AB if math is not your strongest subject.

    If it's your strongest then I would just skip AB and go straight to BC.

    Statistics is a harder class because it covers more material (it requires more studying and more work to learn it).

    Conceptually both classes are easy (as are all high school level math classes); however they do require you to do the work! If you don't do the work in either of the classes then it doesn't really matter which you take, because you will fail both without effort.

    AP Calc AB is roughly 7 chapters long (chapter 1 is review of trig and Alg II, and chapter 7 you only enough sections to learn L'Hopitals Rule which is like 1 or 2 sections in most textbooks).

    AP Calc BC is roughly 10-11 chapters long (chapters 1-7 are the same chapters in Calc AB).

    AP Stat is like 15+ chapters long.

    ^^ Notice if your a sophomore or a junior and you take AP Calc AB and get a 5.

    Then your senior or junior year you can take AP Calc BC, and for the first seven chapters

    of the class you pretty much won't have to do anything, because if you got a 5 on AP Calc AB exam you will remember the material over the summer. Calculus sticks with you (a really great subject). Then you will pretty much have AP Calc BC for an entire year and you will only have to learn 4 new chapters of material, though they are the four hardest calc chapters that you have to learn.

    Moreover AP Calc AB has a high passing rate, and a large percentage of 5s are rewarded (>20% of the grades are 5s) and then if you take Calc BC the passing rate is even higher and the percentage of people who get 5s is like 40%! Calc BC is statistically the easiest AP test in high school to get a 5 on.

    Source(s): I never took AP Stats in high school, but I took Calc AB my sophomore year got a 5 on it, Calc BC my junior year and got a 5 on that.
  • 10 years ago

    I would take AP Calculus because you will be required to do more Calculus in a pre-pharmacy or chemistry program once you get to college. So I would suggesting taking calculus to get a better understanding of the subject.

    Source(s): college student
  • 3 years ago

    AP stat is extra stable to comprehend however the calculations are uncomplicated and undemanding AP Calc is undemanding to comprehend yet calculations are plenty extra stable and lots extra tedious...and you in specific circumstances can no longer even get top solutions including integrating e^(-(x^2))...you wind up utilising estimations (i think that's a million/ sqrt(pi) for the ex I suggested...possibly thoroughly incorrect on the estimation tho

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